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Synonyms for grayish-green

of green tinged with grey

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Apterae are small to medium size, predominantly grayish-green with dark antennae, legs, siphunculi and cauda; body variably dusted with fine white wax.
2j) They emerge covered in pale yellow to tan tomentum, later losing some of the tomentum, and ultimately maturing to green or grayish-green (3E-F).
It was grayish-green and had a big hole in the middle of the heel.
New yellowish-green leaves emerge in mid-spring, turning shiny dark green on top and grayish-green and hairy beneath with a leathery texture and oft-curling edges.
Johnston's Frankenia (Frankenia johnstonii) We proposed on May 22 to remove this plant--a low growing, grayish-green perennial shrub native to southern Texas and adjoining areas in Mexico--from the federal list of endangered and threatened species.
The soft, grayish-green, 1 1/4-5 inch-wide heart-shaped leaves and light-brown stems, both covered with trichomes or fine hairs, attract feral ungulates grazing in this dry, lowland forest.
Known to scientists as Parthenium argentatum, the plant's silvery, grayish-green leaves and yellow flowers make it resemble the more familiar sagebrush.
A juvenile male (LSU 23821, 273 mm TL) from southwestern Honduras was described in life as "dorsum chartreuse green, dorsal blotches grayish-green, lateral blotches sky blue; venter very light green, finely peppered with dark flecks, lateral edges of most ventrals chartreuse green; head chartreuse green with two dark grayish-green bands extending from the snout to the angle of the jaw, a similar but lighter band extending from the posterior edge of the eye to the angle of the jaw; some additional dark grayish-green mottling between the two bands on top of the head; eye chartreuse green with heavy black reticulations" (Meyer and Wilson 1971).
Painted half white and half black or grayish-green, each wall had been bisected into upper and lower regions, thereby reinforcing a binary system of organization that structured Van Kerckhoven's otherwise riotous meditations on image production.
It has delicate, compound grayish-green leaves with long, narrow leaflets bearing saw-toothed serration.
Another low cactus is the Arizona fishhook (Mammillaria microcarpa), which has grayish-green stems and in April produces clusters of delicate pink flowers.