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of brown tinged with grey

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Socorro isopods are grayish-brown, marked with black spots on the dorsal surface, and are bone colored beneath.
HADEDAH a large grayish-brown African ibis, with wings tinged iridescent green.
Korean native chicken has several plumage colors (White, Black, Yellowish-brown, Grayish-brown, Reddish-brown), but all have a single comb, and their shin has brown, dark green or black colors.
Cut section showed grayish-brown homogenous tissue.
Its huge, barrel-shaped body with grayish-brown skin isn't cute or cuddly.
While some expressed worry about the grayish-brown plume to the west, others said, "whatever.
The female's upper side ranges in color from bright purplish-blue near the body to a dark grayish-brown with orange crescents on its edges and back wings.
Today, Evans has an album full of photographs of famous folks holding the 30-pound chunk of grayish-brown bone.
Often referred to as the "mask of pregnancy," melasma is a common skin discoloration that is characterized by brown or grayish-brown spots or patches on the face.
It is a grayish-brown silt with less than 2% sand and no detectable coarser material.
Tidewater Goby (Eucyclogobius newberryi) A small, grayish-brown fish, the tidewater goby lives in coastal saltwater lagoons, and occasionally in freshwater habitats, along coastal areas of California from Del Norte County south to San Diego County.
Also known as Fasciola hepatica, liver flukes are grayish-brown, leaf-shaped, unsegmented flatworms with two suckers at the front end -- one to attach the parasite to the bile duct, the other to ingest blood.
Two years ago, the grayish-brown feline's reaction to the musical stylings of Eddie Money inspired record company executive Adrian Martinez to experiment with playing tunes for his cats and dogs.
Hymenium: Pores circular, minute, 4-8 per nun, grayish-brown becoming reddish-brown to dark brown.