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Synonyms for grayish-black

of black tinged with grey

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Sternum yellowish with grayish-black lateral margins.
Recreating game's imagery, this grayish-black small town of empty streets, semi-collapsed buildings and dank interiors is a triumph for production designer Carol Sifter and collaborators.
The excised arms are grayish-black and positioned about six feet off the ground, approximating Jordan's shoulder height, while the space between them is the width of the artist's own smaller body.
Cook and his fellow park rangers dub the grayish-black alligator "the trademark of the Everglades" for its eternal popularity among tourists.
Unwind all the tribal tattoos in that pool, place them end-to-end and you'd have a grayish-black (but totally spiritual) strand that could reach the moon.
His grayish-black hair is receding from back to front and he is thin due to a high cholesterol count.
Dressed in a sleeveless black T-shirt and grayish-black cargo pants, the trim 48-year-old Sting with his short-cropped blond hair doesn't look much different than he did when he hit the rock scene with the Police in the late '70s.