grayish brown

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a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color

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Hemelytron hyaline; apices of clavus, embolium and cuneus infuscate; membrane pale grayish brown, subhyaline, with brownish veins.
Description: Dungeness crabs are grayish brown, sometimes tinged purplish, on the top side of their carapace.
His field observations demonstrate that the adult Poo-uli sports a grayish brown upper body, a pearly white underbelly, and pink legs.
These soils are dark grayish brown, are generally 35 centimeters or less deep, and are underlain by fractured limestone or caliche; limestone cobbles comprise up to 50 percent of the soil volume (Wiedenfeld, 1980).
On hindwing, ground color grayish brown and dark color near outer margin; veins highlighted (Figs.
Rostrum, antennae and palpi grayish brown, last segments of the palpi darker.
Tegmina nearly as long as the abdomen, grayish brown, with dense brown reticulation and sub-hyaline areolae; wings shorter than the tegmina, pale red at the base, with the tip and hind margin slightly clouded.
The adult is grayish brown with a typical stink bug shield shape, but it can be easily recognized by having alternating dark and white bands on the legs and on the last 2 segments of the antennae.
Hindwing ground color white; subbasal fascia unmarked; antemedial fascia slender and light brown; medial fasciae broad, grayish brown; postmedial fascia broad, grayish brown and strongly excurved in middle; outer margin cilia medium-long, dark gray; inner margin cilia long, white.
These nine breeds included six Korean native chicken breeds (Korean Reddish Brown, KR; Korean Yellowish Brown, KY; Korean Grayish Brown, KG; Korean Black, KB; Korean White, KW; Korean Ogye, KO) and three imported breeds (White Leghorn, WL; Rhode Island Red, RI; Cornish, CN), with 50 individuals per breed respectively.
Soldner worked in a nude torso and introduces two other colours, light moss green and grayish brown.
Eggs were sub elliptical and pale pinkish buff (Smithe 1975: #121D) with a white wash and scattered tiny dark grayish brown (Smithe 1975: # 20) marks and spots (Fig.