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Wounded Warriors and key personnel from Wounded Warrior Project, Disabled Sports USA and the Graybeards are available for comments and interviews.
It also takes skill, say the environmental graybeards at The Ruckus Society.
Only the political graybeards (oh, yes, beards will be in again) will remember that President Clinton was the first to hold up a card and imagine that it might entitle every citizen to care.
The Great Society advocates who could still pass themselves off as young Turks in the late 1970s are discredited graybeards now.
Judging from the average thickness of the rings and the diameter of the center rot, Stahle is confident some of these graybeards are 1,300 years old.
Informally known as "the graybeards," this committee gave the nod to Nelson and Welch, and the Keck saga began in earnest.
This is the eighth year that WWP has been working with this neighborhood in Queens on this event; and as always, it includes heavy support from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), the Graybeards, Legends in Valor and a massive volunteer effort.
2008 sponsors include: Wounded Warrior Project, Disabled Sports USA, Graybeards, FDNY, AIG, BGC Partners, Inc, HUB Financial Charities, Genatt Associates, Non Commissioned Officers Association, National Park Service/Gateway National Recreation Area, DEMA Scuba Tour, Fire Family Transport Foundation, Rockaway Point Yacht Club.
Hinch, 25-year-olds who could be the starters in center and behind the plate, are relative graybeards in green and gold.
Sponsors of the event include: Wounded Warrior, United Spinal Association, Graybeards, FDNY and the Atlantis Mega Yacht.
Slowly, Graybeards formed into a fully operating nonprofit that is bringing people out of isolation and making the healing process an open, community effort.
Yet finally, it's graybeards like Brian Murray and David Dukes, veterans of many dues-paying years of stage service, who keep Hall's best-laid plans on track.
The year 2000 "will likely see graybeards such as Lundberg taking a lead role in establishing the legitimacy of health sites as they begin to provide actual medical services.
A learning experience for greenhorns, a chance to share their wisdom for graybeards, a confidence boost for all involved.
Without those 30-something graybeards, the Lakers are an entirely 20-something team.