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Synonyms for grayback

a dowitcher with a grey back

a sandpiper that breeds in the Arctic and winters in the southern hemisphere

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Before this phase of service, the diesel-electric Grayback had served as a launching platform for Regulus missiles.
Aboard Grayback, a vent valve, operable from the wet or dry side through a linkage, controlled this airflow.
Grayback divers, ship's force, and special forces had been operating with this flawed design for many years.
An extensive search of more than a dozen newspapers yielded a series of 486 grayback prices from public auctions and private brokerage trades in Richmond between May 27, 1861, and February 15, 1865.
McCandless (1996) employed a semimonthly series of grayback prices to examine the impact of war shocks on short-run changes in Union and Confederate money prices.
t] is the natural logarithm of the grayback price of a gold dollar at time t, [[beta].
With headquarters in Merlin near Grants Pass, Grayback has bases around Oregon, and 10 of the 11 firefighters in the crash were from its base in White City.
The Grayback crew members killed include Shawn Blazer, 30, and Bryan Rich, 19, both of Medford; Scott Charleson, 25, of Phoenix, Ore.
Last summer, another Roseburg-based contract crew, Grayback Forestry, lost five people when a van rolled over and crashed in Colorado.
125) In Trevino, five Navy divers died aboard the USS Grayback when a ventilation valve allowing oxygen into the submarine's diving chamber malfunctioned, causing a vacuum to form in the chamber.
Grayback firefighting trainer Andy Barrey recalled a young man who had the mental and physical stamina to stick with a tough job.
In 2002, five Grayback firefighters died in a van accident while returning from a Colorado fire.
Oce Pro-Select 7 mil Pop-Up Film with Grayback (PSPOPUP): a 7 mil, fast dry, universally compatible PET (polyester) film, Oce Pro-Select Pop-Up Film features a no-tear base engineered to withstand repeated rolling for portable display units.
Of course, any Yankee soldiers who were captured carrying Upham's facsimiles, which were often rendered more professionally than real Confederate graybacks, were hanged.
Near as the Graybacks came to the schooner, they were shy of the boats.