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Synonyms for gray-haired

showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair

References in classic literature ?
The council will not break up until the banquet," remarked a gray-haired squire.
She had a fair face and pretty voice, and it is pleasant to picture the gray-haired poet sitting at his organ playing while his wife sings.
We all looked out to see a tall, gray-haired lady approaching the house, looking about her with the slightly puzzled air of a stranger.
We was six mile from the town, when we meets an old square-headed gray-haired yeoman chap, a-jogging along quite quiet.
The poor soul quickens her pace; is swift, and close upon him entering under the gateway; but only sees a postern staircase on one side of it, and on the other side an ancient vaulted room, in which a large-headed, gray-haired gentleman is writing, under the odd circumstances of sitting open to the thoroughfare and eyeing all who pass, as if he were toll- taker of the gateway: though the way is free.
Rogue is a word with various meanings, and Raffles had been one sort of rogue ever since I had known him; but now, for once, he was the innocent variety, a great gray-haired child, running over with merriment and mischief.
The broad chest heaved, the muscles of the face gave way, and the gray-haired man burst into loud sobs.
The survey reveals how blondes, brunettes, gray-haired, red-haired respondents*, white-haired respondents, and black-haired Americans stack up financially and socially.
Most of them were gray-haired, some were bald-headed while others were too young to sit cool somewhere.
Today, the gray-haired Coffey maintains his solid build by jogging five miles a day and lifting weights.
If time is eternal, as some physicists now think, there she is in the eternal past: a tiny, fragile, gray-haired woman, stooped, veiled in steam and depression, pouring water into the sink, her intelligence blocked, her ambition frustrated, her voice silenced.
But the soft-spoken, gray-haired, still boyish and athletic-looking Neumeier has put his unique modernist and humanist American spirit into not just the overall thrust of Hamburg's repertoire, but also the selection and training of its international roster of dancers as well as the systematic education of its audiences.
One day the end has to come," the gray-haired defender said Thursday.
The Williamses and five of their gray-haired friends spent Tuesday gleefully ripping through the sand together just south of Florence.