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Synonyms for gray-green

of green tinged with grey

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Left: The 2005 VornadoFan is in three colors, including the 1945 gray-green.
Fragile and ephemeral but punctuated with menacingly sexualized gothic imagery, Spider could have borrowed its yellow-brown and gray-green palette from Lucian Freud, while its hermetic mise-enscone and elliptical editing style are comparable to Bresson's.
Brought in nearly a year ago to settle an international brawl over whether Leonardo's painting, considered one of the most important paintings in Italy, was too fragile to be restored, Seracini found through X-rays, echography and chemical analysis that while Da Vinci did sketch the gray-green underdrawing, the paint itself was added much later.
Long ago, for reasons yet unknown, the Shona people of Zimbabwe in southeast Africa designed stately circular enclosures of gray-green stones.
Elaine With the late sun on your face And the golden clouds in your gray-green eyes.
We circle the stars to find our secret place, and the dying mackerel believe the gong off Pemaquid tolls for them on the cold, gray-green sea.
Spain makes two series of glasses in a pale gray-green tint: Luna glasses include a 16-ounce highball glass ($7) and an eight-ounce wine glass ($6); Verde glasses feature an 18-ounce highball ($4), a double margarita ($5), double old-fashioned ($4) and a wine glass ($5).
A thin gray-green "fusion crust," probably formed by the heat of the meteorites' descent through Earth's atmosphere, covers about 30 percent of their surfaces.
A suite of two private selling salons is accessible through 14-foot metal doors, with mesh detail and hand-rubbed pewter finish, that open to a separate seating area with platinum leaf ceiling and walls upholstered in gray-green leather panels.
Set all year round jacket and trousers in gray-green color 1150
bulbosa can handle a bit less light than gray-green fuzzy ones such as T.
Honeybush (Melianthus major): A gray-green plant that will add an adventurous look to any landscape.
When the New York Times cautioned its readers in 1913 about SCHOENBERG, MUSICAL ANARCHIST, WHO HAS UPSET EUROPE, it didn't neglect to mention that the composer "also paints gray-green landscapes and sickly visions, the latter dug up from the abysmal depths of his subconsciousness.
1 Set all year: jacket and trousers in gray-green color 350 pcs.
DROUGHT TOLERANCE Its tiny, hairy, gray-green leaves allow it to survive nearly anywhere on rainfall alone.