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Synonyms for gray-brown

of brown tinged with grey

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Both gray and brown test results were taken together for gray-brown marl in RocLab software as to be representative for the whole area marl.
Seconds passed, then we walked forward to admire our gray-brown brocket of the Yucatan forest.
The hair on the withers is longer with a gray-brown base and is often a different shade than the rest of the body, seen in some of these bears as a dark stripe running across the back.
Nasal endoscopy usually reveals the presence of thick, adherent crusts that are yellow-green to gray-brown on the turbinates.
BARK/STEMS: Young stems are smooth and greenish; older bark is gray-brown with deep, narrow furrows.
Soon the site in front of Bishopsgate was nothing but a gray-brown morass, a no-man's land where not a living soul stirred.
One of these is particularly wonderful: A complicated scaffolding of gray-brown cardboard that reminds me simultaneously of George Lucas and of Vladimir Tatlin, it reveals the detail with which it has been imagined only from close range.
Some of the rarest, most exciting marine species in these areas look like "boring little gray-brown fish," she admits.
A rock sample of an approximately 30 cm thick, gray-brown coloured, reduced siltstone layer exposed in a cliff outcrop at Arroyo Pajaritos was analyzed by the classical wet chemical method at Alex Stewart (Assayers) Argentina S.
The bark, up to 3/4 inches thick, is light gray-brown tinged with orange.
Let's just say that this patchwork of desert gray-brown and country-club green is not a hip town.
he'll think you're prey," Ciofi whispers as the two men watch a giant gray-brown body emerge from the jungle, monstrous flat head flicking a foot-long yellow tongue.
When it comes to taste, the calico bass - a handsome specimen with a checkerboard pattern of brown, gray-brown or olive alternating with pale blotches - has its fans and its detractors.
Virginia pines were in charge of the area; their closely spaced stems and shade-killed lower branches knitted together a gray-brown barricade at the edge of the lawn.
Bailey watched the haze blow in Sunday morning from the west - looking, he said, like ``a big gray-brown wall.