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Synonyms for gray-blue

of blue tinged with grey

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Pink Echeveria 'Afterglow' dots the carpet of gray-blue Dymoftdia margaretae, repeating the hues of the larger plants.
It had a slightly smaller companion, and while both creatures obliged by spouting repeatedly and showing off their smooth gray-blue backs (in spite of their size, blue whales are surprisingly slim and tapered), the acrobatics were definitely over.
Once cut and polished, it will be aquamarine-turquoise with fine gray-blue stripes, Fine says.
THE SPIX MACAW, A TWO-FOOT-LONG BIRD WITH DARK BLUE plumage, gray-blue head and bright yellow eyes, was thought to be extinct in the wild until this male was discovered nine years ago by a Birdlife International expedition.
Costumes and sets designed by Andy Klunder are otherworldly: The women wear marbled, gray-blue flowing dresses with heads encased in (again) skullcaps; the men, not-always-flattering unitards.
In a major feature and style breakthrough, The Pursuit is a high performance gray-blue encased notebook with an integrated MP3 player, a 14.
PVC floor covering for passenger vehicles: GRABIOL Stop / JSC 1855-05-263-00 (gray), GRABIOL Stop 22 JSC / K 6344-17-218-00 (blue), GRABIOL SAFETY 25 (blue), embossed plasticized compact PVC linoleum TARABUS SIRIUS NT Dune 6782 (gray), linoleum PVC for vehicles "Translin type Auto-Lux" 463 SC TU 5771-003-52468445-2003 gray-blue width.
Amid the hush of rustling oak leaves swaying on long branches in a gust of wind, Pearson's blondish hair nearly eclipsed her clear gray-blue eyes.
The best of the early canvases are just shy of dismissively tentative, their surfaces stitched together by brushwork heavily indebted to Cezanne and Mondrian, with beige or gray-blue grounds at once animated and anchored by thick black horizontal bands-which are themselves crossed and paralleled by swatches of red, green, and white.
One of the most striking uses of silvery plants we've seen is a long, slender drive flanked by white-trunked birches and a thick band of gray-blue Aeonium rosettes.
Camasa gray-blue blouse with long sleeves for men // // 1.
The 16-piece ceramic dishware set comes in two-tone green, gray-blue, brown and khaki schemes that can be used separately or mixed.
You can see him trying, with gray-blue color palettes and brooding camera work and all that threatening water all over the place, ruining flooring and ceilings.
Weathered and gabled with gray-blue trim, it nearly didn't make it.
This year the heart-stoppers, he says, are Mediterranean-style homes in beige or white stucco with a red tile roof and ranch styles painted in a peaches-and-cream combination or a light gray-blue.