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Synonyms for gray-blue

of blue tinged with grey

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Go for dark, soothing walls, gray-blue if you can't decide.
Pink Echeveria 'Afterglow' dots the carpet of gray-blue Dymoftdia margaretae, repeating the hues of the larger plants.
Amid the hush of rustling oak leaves swaying on long branches in a gust of wind, Pearson's blondish hair nearly eclipsed her clear gray-blue eyes.
This, from a medical history: "Very tall for his generation - over 6 feet - with reddish hair and gray-blue eyes, his face massive, George exuded such masculine power as frightens young women just wakening to the opposite sex.
The 16-piece ceramic dishware set comes in two-tone green, gray-blue, brown and khaki schemes that can be used separately or mixed.
The best of the early canvases are just shy of dismissively tentative, their surfaces stitched together by brushwork heavily indebted to Cezanne and Mondrian, with beige or gray-blue grounds at once animated and anchored by thick black horizontal bands-which are themselves crossed and paralleled by swatches of red, green, and white.
One of the most striking uses of silvery plants we've seen is a long, slender drive flanked by white-trunked birches and a thick band of gray-blue Aeonium rosettes.
You can see him trying, with gray-blue color palettes and brooding camera work and all that threatening water all over the place, ruining flooring and ceilings.
Photo: Stream-like pathway of gray-blue stones lies in bed of tan gravel chips.
Weathered and gabled with gray-blue trim, it nearly didn't make it.
This year the heart-stoppers, he says, are Mediterranean-style homes in beige or white stucco with a red tile roof and ranch styles painted in a peaches-and-cream combination or a light gray-blue.
FORT TEJON - With his convincingly dirty gray-blue uniform decorated with shiny brass buttons and gold braid, Raymond Hall looks as if he has stepped from the sepia tones of a Matthew Brady portrait.
A slow-growing plant with a smooth red trunk and gray-blue leaves, this manzanita is one of the most elegant specimens a Californian could grow.
Burriss, dressed in a dark gray jacket and gray-blue tie, sat stoically as he testified that his encounters with the girls were for the purpose of gathering data he would use to create a public outrage over how the Department of Children's Services investigates abuse claims.