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(French) a person who exercises power or influence in certain areas without holding an official position

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He went to considerable lengths to tell his side of the story and to vindicate his actions, even while Edith Wilson and the other members of Wilson's entourage continued to demonize the erstwhile gray eminence and to blame him for the president's postwar failures.
True, opinion pages have traditionally been the gray eminence of the newspaper, with the emphasis on gray.
One day at the San Francisco Examiner he chuckled at the notion that he had reached a certain state of grace as a gray eminence and, typically modest, protested the substitute: bald sage.
John Searle's notions about speech acts offer insights into the performative aspects of "The Shampoo," Wittgenstein (this time supplemented by Applebaum) helps to account for Bishop's "starts," "stops," and "divagations" in her working manuscripts and finished poems, and Baudelaire stands as the gray eminence in Bishop's poems employing emblematic birds.
Despite the fact that you are likely to find Ek setting dances in London or Lisbon these days, at home the choreographer, now 57, is treated like a gray eminence, even at the artists' entrance to Stockholm's Royal Opera House.
In a bureaucracy where, if the term eminence grise did not exist we would have to invent it, Navarro-Valls has become that rare Vatican phenomenon, a lay gray eminence.
His hands are enormous, and though he is now the gray eminence himself, those enormous hands were rock solid, steady, and, well, just there.
A final, vaguely visible competitor is the gray eminence of this business, the nuclear-driven X-ray laser.