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an intermediate area


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Perhaps the greatest praise for In the Gray Area comes from my recommendation that any Air Force or other military member preparing to deploy as a military advisor should read it.
14) Consequently, melanocytic tumors tend to show a morphologically gray area probably larger than that observed in other fields of pathology, which encloses several melanocytic tumors, recently designated as problematic, ambiguous, controversial, or borderline.
6) In gray area marriages, this factor can sometimes tip the scales for or against permanent alimony.
Not only are moderates trampled underfoot, but the great gray areas where life is actually lived, the areas of ambiguity and tradeoffs between competing values, are rendered toxic to human habitation.
Despite the predominance of black and white in these exhibitions, Coyne's true subject seems to be gray--more specifically, the gray area between "light" images and death, a territory that shrinks when mortality is to be acknowledged and confronted.
Another sublocal institution operating in the gray area between public and private is the Japanese roojinkai, or senior citizen mutual benefit organization.
It gives the government a lot of latitude to say something is criminal, when in fact it is conduct in the gray area or perhaps even unethical--but that does not make that conduct criminal.
Conducted on 773 men whose test results were in the gray area, the study compared fPSA to the use of age-specific reference ranges and the PSA density test.
There has been no call for replay in basketball, where baskets are self-evident and fouls present a large gray area subject to interpretation.
Crystal Clear Giftware is also debuting the Gray Area Collection of Italian art glass.
Paull Mines, general counsel of the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC), told the Journal that on-line services may fall into a gray area between the two guidelines, but "there are strong reasons to conclude that states have a clear nexus with on-line services.
But in all of these cases, somewhat was the key word -- leaving communicators in an ethical gray area where their golden stars and scarlet letters tend to cancel each other.
Contract notice: Kuz south - green area maintenance, Path and gray area cleaning
They take advantage of the gray area so we might as well give (the mandate back to DPWH).
The threat of litigation in this expanding legal gray area has compelled lenders to protect their mortgage portfolios by working with insurers and environmental consultants on new risk mitigation programs.