gravy train

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income obtained with a minimum of effort


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One fine day the public will finally wake up and say "Enough is enough", and the vast gravy train will grind to a halt.
After the recent EU elections, some of those who were rejected were immediately shoved on board another gravy train - the House of Lords.
Pull Britain out of the gravy train that is the EU and you will save trillions of pounds.
He took us into a war by whoring for Bush now he can whore himself as EUSSR president, His real "worry" of course is surely that one of his many gravy trains could be hitting the buffers and fall of the track.
And I don't suppose his desire to be an MP and all-round Man of the People has anything to do with the fact he's already been told by Gordon Brown's mob that his job on the gravy train won't be on offer once Blair has gone.
If politicians want the public to believe they're honest, it's time for them to get off the gravy train.
Therefore, in an effort to cash in on the media-fueled frenzy, and with the possibility of a Gap or iTunes payday not too far in the distance, many once-strident music-for-music's-sake artists have avoided standard musical evolutions in favor of the much easier path of the gravy train, which, admittedly, beats the 9-to-5 grind.
However, before politicians and their favored constituents can get in on that gravy train, the U.
Always the pragmatist, Phyllis feared that Hudson's homosexuality would be exposed and, in effect, derail her gravy train as Mrs.
THE gravy train is not confined to politicians but now has top civil servants on board.
Victims Deserve Justice; Trial Lawyer Gravy Train Should End, Group Says
But smaller cities that desperately need cash could also climb on board the gravy train.
The Gravy Train is the story of Philip Bushill-Matthews's journey to Brussels on a PR wagon-lit.
Beating up on the much-maligned Hokkaido Development Agency (later consolidated into the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) though, while perhaps soothing to the soul, now serves little practical purpose: Prime Minister Koizumi has already announced the central government can't afford to keep the gravy train going, and in line with a nationwide decentralization reform, has ordered Hokkaido to start thinking for itself.
The experience gave him a keen understanding of how the majority of that region's residents were kept off the digital gravy train.