gravy boat

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a dish (often boat-shaped) for serving gravy or sauce

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The Clas Ohlson model looks more like a traditional gravy boat.
Jooky85 Gravy Boat LEAST enjoyable 90 minutes of the season so far.
Back in hospital on this fateful date, but to no complications for once, I am discharged in good time to light a candle on the kitchen table, decant your Valentine's glass of sparkling wine, sear the steak, saute the onions, bake potatoes till their paunchy waistcoats loosen, launch the gravy boat on its salt voyage, let mushrooms set sail on melting butter.
INSIDE: THEATRE GIGS GUIDE FILM PREVIEWS DOWNLOADS COMEDY for a helping hand to complete the puzzle Kathleen Munro, Aberdeen DOWN: 1 Kick the habit 2 Spleen 3 Bun 4 Adamant 5 Puritans 6 Twee 7 Sudoku 8 Addicts 9 Effect 10 Brad 1 Cupola 12 Wall-to-wall 20 Smiling 23 Chaos 25 Raider 27 Gravy boat 29 Eager 31 Almighty 32 Imperfect 3 Traitors 34 Beside 37 One-off42Mercy44 Bouncy castle 45 Bedlam bblow49Pitta53 Free Can't figure out a clue?
They also brought a gravy boat full of white mint sauce with the starters - it looked strange but was actually really tasty.
Drizzle gravy on your plate with a tablespoon instead of pouring it from a gravy boat.
It was your gravy boat, / with a hard, brown / drop of gravy still / on the porcelain lip.
She combines the livers, hearts, and some chicken stock with heavy cream, salt, and pepper and then serves it in a beautiful silver gravy boat for all of the liver-lovers to enjoy.
Jafar stared at the huge turkey, the brown liquid overflowing from the gravy boat, and the bright-orange sweet potatoes.
Add a few family heirlooms--an antique gravy boat or Grandma's sterling dressing spoon--to suggest the proper sense of occasion, and let fresh local flowers or pretty shells complete the Florida picture.
It's fine with the promoters of the food pyramid, too, although the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a watchdog group on nutritional issues, said in a news release Tuesday that the government missed the gravy boat with its new pyramid approach.
You could end up with a wine bottle smashed over your head or the contents of the gravy boat in your lap.
She'll have the table loaded with silver, from the candelabrum to the gravy boat, and it will be family heirlooms she's inherited - or will at least look like it.
The wing of a model plane, an old wristwatch with the minutes marked by radium paint, a gravy boat orphaned from its pattern--things start to fall into place.
As for presentation, the sprinkled peas on the plate looked like a green moat, while the on-plate gravy boat dwarfed the entire meal.