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Synonyms for gravure

a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plate

a printing plate used in the process of gravure

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an intaglio print produced by gravure

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the act of intaglio printing

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Winning entries were chosen by a panel of judges consisting of experts in the gravure industry.
Flint Group confirmed that it agreed to sell its European publication gravure ink business to Sun Chemical in the deal, which will include transfer of all product portfolios relating to Flint Group's European publication gravure product range.
The purchase that would comprise of the transfer of all products, inventory and technology relating to Flint Groups European publication gravure products, reflects its continued dedication to supporting this sector.
Keywords Reverse kiss gravure coating, Doctoring process, Capillary number, Blade thickness, Coating window
FleXtreme[R] Full HD Flexo printing provides a quality that is equal to Gravure printing with very high ink and colour density at a more competitive cost, with the added flexibility of Flexo printing allowing for shorter production runs and lead times.
The company says that 50ML580 is compatible with UV flexo, letterpress, screen and offset systems, and water-based flexo and solvent-based gravure systems.
The process will generate the same outstanding image quality and consistency as gravure but with the convenience and flexibility of flexo print, Ultimate Packaging has spent the past twelve months working closely with its partners to develop, test and integrate the new print product, which has been christened Flexeye[R].
In announcing the transaction, KBA Deputy President Claus Bolza-Schuenemann said, "In view of current market developments, this agreement is in the interests of both parties and, ultimately, of all gravure printers throughout the world.
Printing process is gravure, which allows for high-quality reproduction in up to seven colors.
Flexographic and gravure printing are the two dominant technologies for the high speed printing of paper, film and foils.
Describes the gravure printing process which is used for printing magazines, catalogs, some packages, and decorated products such as gift wrap.
The Amber Light label was judged "best paper cut & stack label" by the Packaging and Label Gravure Association's 2003 Excellence Awards.
Flexographic inks will also see above-average growth as they continue to gain market share at the expense of lithographic and gravure types, particularly in packaging applications.
They include lithography, flexography, gravure and letterpress.
on March 9, 1992 in Huntersville, North Carolina, when the telephone rings for Robert May in the executive offices of Gravure International, just outside Charlotte.