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a measuring instrument for measuring variations in the gravitational field of the earth

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The tidal corrections are applied automatically by the gravity meter and their small residuum is then removed within the instrument drift corrections.
On both expeditions, he used a gravity meter in the Wright Valley and the Koettlitz Glacier region both to delineate geological structure (a rock fault) and to determine glacier thicknesses.
The relative gravity meter Scintrex CG-3M has a standard resolution of 1 [mu]Gal-a (1 uGal = 10-8 ms-2) with a standard deviation smaller than 5 [mu]Gal-a.
The principle of this gravity meter is to reproduce a free-acceleration of a test body in the gravity field while measuring time distance pairs ([t.
Instead of measuring the distance an atom falls in a certain amount of time," Chu explained, "our atomic gravity meter measures the change in velocity during a given time by measuring the Doppler shift of a very well-known atomic frequency.
This obviously depends on the accuracy of the instrument, the reading methods and, mainly, on the quality of the determination and stability of the coefficient of the gravity meter scale.
They theorized that a previously unrecognized force -- acting over distances of tens to thousands of meters -- had altered the attraction between the gravity meter and the rock around the shaft.
The data will then be used by geologists to detect rock structures deep inside the earth, while a gravity meter will help detect changes in gravity and rock density.
Roger Bilham and his colleagues at the University of Colorado in Boulder will measure distances between horizontal points with the satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS), and vertical elevations with an xtremely accurate gravity meter.
Other IRIS-exclusive features such as the rapid-read CHEMSTRIP/ IRIStrip photometer and test strips and the IRIS Mass Gravity Meter for accurate specific gravity measurement make the Model 500 the most accurate, fastest and easiest-to-use urine-profiling system ever built, replacing the long-established Model 450 version of The Yellow IRIS.
Contract awarded for Rental of Relative gravity meter.
The Air Force team had originally set out to detect the controversial fifth force by making precise measurements with a gravity meter on and around a 2,000-foot television tower in Garner, N.
Limited Tenders are invited for Quotation For Purchase Of Specific Gravity Meter
Ducarme of the Observetoire Royal de Belgique in Brussels published the results of their studies on changes in the local gravity field as measured by a superconducting gravimeter, which is at least 100 times more sensitive than a conventional gravity meter.