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an orienting response to gravity

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Regarding the function of controlling environmental elements such as gravitropism, previously, partial control was possible through designating desired values to whole growth volumes.
The SCARECROW (SCR) gene, a transcription factor of GRAS family is essential for normal radial patterning and shoots gravitropism in Arabidopsis thaliana.
The effects of auxin on lateral root initiation and root gravitropism in a lateral rootless mutant Lrt1 of rice (Oryza sativa L.
1993 Genetic Evidence That the Red-Absorbing Form of Phytochrome B Modulates Gravitropism in Arabidopsis thaliana.
This year's volume contains 29 papers on such topics as female gametophyte development in flowering plants, chloroplast RNA metabolism, protein transport into chloroplasts, hemicelluloses, diversification of P450 genes during land plant evolution, auxin biosynthesis and its role in plant development, high-throughput characterization of plant gene functions by using gain-of-function technology, genetic and molecular basis of rice yield, quantitation in mass-spectrometry-based proteomics, metal hyperaccumulation in plants, mitrogen-activated protein kinase signaling in plants, and directional gravity sensing in gravitropism.
Strangely, plants use the gene as part of their system for sensing gravity, called gravitropism.
Their explorations of phototropism and gravitropism are generally the prelude to coverage of either plant movements or plant hormones.
AtPIN2 defines a locus of Arabidopsis for root gravitropism control.
Anisotropy of wave velocities in plants: Gravitropism.
Root Gravitropism and Below ground Competition among Neighbouring Plants: A Modelling Approach.
2000) demonstrated that BRs are involved in root gravitropism in an IAA-dependent manner.
THE PLANT HORMONE ethylene controls a wide array of plant processes including fruit ripening, fading of flowers, organ shedding (abscission), gravitropism, petiole epinasty, abiotic stress responses, and responses to pathogens (Abeles et al.
Among other things, it regulates lateral root formation and the direction in which plants grow, or gravitropism.