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a gauge boson that mediates the (extremely weak) gravitational interactions between particles

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ab] with the electron and photon coordinate labels not some new graviton coordinate and it has only one [mu] and two a, b indices.
If graviton mass diminishes the effect of dark energy, they point out, then dark energy would be stronger in regions with less gravity, such as nearby voids in space.
With so-called "missing mass" and other theories such as gravitational waves and the graviton, gravity theory is being defended in the absence of observation; these conditions have never been observed despite advances in science.
Model of Gravitational Interaction in the Concept of Gravitons.
One of string theory's earliest triumphs was forcing the reality of gravitons.
To make matters worse, proponents of gravity theory hypothesize about mysterious things called gravitons and gravity waves.
Thus, there is a case for assuming this high spin rate creates a special behavior for a group of gravitons, in short, a configuration relative to each other involving "least action" in accordance with Fermat's principle, i.
Wassermann hypothesizes that the ordinary matter brain and the shadow matter brain are capable of interaction via the exchange of gravitons.
Since photons and gravitons belong to these elementary particles, light and other electromagnetic waves as well as gravity must be counted to such basic information media.
The gravitons are acknowledged to be the carriers of the gravity force at the light speed; anyway, whatever the actual physical nature of these boson vectors and their displacement rate might specifically be, is enough for the present purposes to introduce a one-dimensional reference system R to which will be referred the scalars of the Eq.
It may also be mentioned in the passing that merger of General Theory Of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Field Theory, has given rise to expectations that gravitation is mediated by a mass less spin particle(spin = 2) called gravitons.
The show even explains real-world theories on his powers of flight, from magnetic propulsion to an ability to generate gravitons within his body.
Now, it is obvious from the above equation that for particles with zero rest mass like photons, neutrinos, gravitons etc.
With gravitons exiting, gravity would weaken at great distances.
In the two-player Versus mode, players can frustrate their opponents with an array of diabolical weapons: Ion Clouds create smoke screens, Recoils block an opponent's marbles, Black Holes devour marbles and Gravitons alter the path of launched marbles.