gravitational mass

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(physics) the mass of a body as measured by its gravitational attraction for other bodies

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Passive gravitational mass represents objects with less mass, and affects the gravitational fields of larger objects passively, thus deviating from their movement by equivalently lower values.
But my calculations show that beyond a certain probability, there is a very small but real chance the equation breaks down for a gravitational mass," Lebed said.
Therefore, the proportionality between inertia and gravitational mass would be valid, with the precision up to now reached, without exception for all bodies, the validity of which must be hypothesised about until the contrary has been proved'.
Inertial mass is conferred upon particles by the Higgs; according to Einstein's general relativity, inertial mass is indistinguishable from gravitational mass.
The early Earth, with its far greater gravitational mass, must have experienced even more collisions at this time - but the evidence has been eroded away or covered by younger rocks.
is based on the gravitational mass derived from the rotational speed of
A Hungarian physicist, Roland Eotvos (1848-1919), saw that if the gravitational mass and the inertial mass were truly identical, then objects in a given gravitational field would always drop (in a vacuum) at the same rate, regardless of mass.
The notion of gravitational mass of a composite body is known to be non-trivial in general relativity and related to the following paradoxes.
This raises the additional question whether full symmetry also requires the photon to have a positive or negative gravitational mass, as given by
All these theories assume, like classical gravitation and General Relativity, that the gravitational mass is the source of the gravitational force, directly or indirectly through the space curvature.
The second feature is the time dependence of gravitational constant G and gravitational mass.