gravitational mass

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(physics) the mass of a body as measured by its gravitational attraction for other bodies

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From the Hamiltonian (6), averaged over time electron passive gravitational mass, [< [m.
Most physicists disagree with this because they believe that gravitational mass exactly equals inertial mass," Lebed said.
Active gravitational mass affects within the system of two or more mass objects with gravitational fields that affect other objects the most.
This raises the additional question whether full symmetry also requires the photon to have a positive or negative gravitational mass, as given by
All these theories assume, like classical gravitation and General Relativity, that the gravitational mass is the source of the gravitational force, directly or indirectly through the space curvature.
The second feature is the time dependence of gravitational constant G and gravitational mass.
e] was the virtual gravitational mass of the neutron's intrinsic proton-electron pair, whence we find from a first calculation [m.
From (13), a sphere of given gravitational mass [alpha]/[[kappa].