gravitational collapse

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the implosion of a star resulting from its own gravity

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Temple [10] have shown that the Oppenheimer-Volkoff equations do not permit gravitational collapse to form a black hole and that the alleged interior of the Schwarzschild spacetime (i.
No singularities then arise, and gravitational collapse to a "point-mass" is impossible.
The exclusion of gravity by the hedge gluon force field as in the Meissner effect prevents the gravitational collapse into singularity.
Immediately after Hilbert's solution was published there was discussion amongst the physicists as to the possibility of gravitational collapse into the nether world of the nascent black hole.
Of particular interest are the dynamics of a local gravitational collapse of spacetime - a great crunch to a singularity, a single point in space, near which the gravitational field gets extremely strong.
In this paper I shall show that, along with the black hole, gravitational collapse to a point-mass is also untenable.
But astrophysicists are uncertain how a massive black hole -- an object that represents the extreme of gravitational collapse - could form, especially so early in the history of the universe.
The orthodox concepts of gravitational collapse and the black hole owe their existence to a confusion as to the true nature of the r-parameter in the metric tensor for the gravitational field.
The investigators hope to detect high-energy neutrinos released in astrophysical events such as the cataclysmic gravitational collapse of a star or the accretion of matter in the massive core of an active galaxy.
have now uncovered evidence that the gravitational collapse of certain three-dimensional distributions of matter leads to the formation of a "naked" singularity--an exposed point in space where physical quantities such as density and gravitational force become infinite.
They appear strong enough to delay gravitational collapse, cutting the rate of star formation to one-half or one-third the rate expected based on cloud dynamics.
Some theories contend the universe contains enough matter to force its eventual gravitational collapse.
Photo: The gravitational collapse of a one-dimensional system consisting of infinite sheets of stars, as it would appear with velocity plotted against position.
This proposal aims at understanding, via perturbative techniques and full-blown nonlinear evolutions, the strong-field regime of gravity, and includes challenging nonlinear evolutions describing gravitational collapse, compact binary inspirals and collisions in the presence of fundamental fields.
One theory is that they are formed from the gravitational collapse of an ensemble of small clouds into a larger one.