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of or relating to or caused by gravitation


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The gravitational Faraday effect, first predicted in the 1950s, theorizes that when linearly polarized light travels close to a spinning black hole, the orientation of its polarization rotates according to Einstein's theory of general relativity.
It should be observed that if we examine this question from a quantum mechanical perspective we are inevitably struck by the fact that the role of Planck's constant in gravitational wave phenomena has always been taken for granted without questions regarding the possible limits of its applicability being asked, which is somewhat perplexing since no purely gravitational measurement of Planck's constant exists.
The main objective of this project is to develop highly accurate and physically motivated gravitational waveforms that will model the GW emission from all compact binaries (stellar-mass compact binaries, supermassive black hole binaries, extreme mass ratio inspirals).
For this purpose, one laser arm of a planned large gravitational wave mission, like eLISA (evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna), is reduced from millions of kilometres to 40 cm to fit into a single spacecraft.
Gravitational waves are generated by accelerating masses - such as the black holes - similar to the way electrical charges emit electromagnetic waves, but with the latter far stronger.
A gravitational wave passing by the pulsar would warp spacetime, altering the arrival time of the pulsar's radio waves ever so slightly.
The higher something is, the greater its gravitational potential energy.
Maggiore (physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland) presents a reference text for gravitational-wave physics, covering the theory of gravitational waves and describing experimental gravitational-wave physics.
NASA scientists have reached a breakthrough in computer modeling that allows them to simulate what gravitational waves from merging black holes look like.
The NIST deadweight force standards exert force by means of the earth's gravitational attraction acting upon weights of calibrated mass.
WASHINGTON, April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- NASA scientists have reached a breakthrough in computer modeling that allows them to simulate what gravitational waves from merging black holes look like.
There, he has gravitational potential energy (stored energy due to height).
The coalescence is driven by the emission of gravitational radiation, as predicted by physicist Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
The time is right for an alteration of the earth's gravitational pull, which we see as an oppressive force preventing us from reaching our fullest potential in the Cosmos.
Tidal forces from the gravitational pull of the moon have caused the rotation of the Earth to slow over millions of years, a change that gradually is making each day a fractional second longer than the one before, according to a new study measuring changes in the motion of the planet.