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a large dock from which water can be pumped out

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The replacement of the main (north) substation at the Esquimalt Graving Dock began in December 2017 and is scheduled for completion in December 2018.
As part of the RCN's Frigate Equipment Life Extension (FELEX) mid-life refit contract, each frigate will spend an estimated 12 months at the CFB Esquimalt graving dock facility.
In a similar fashion, Yarrows benefited directly from the opening of a large government graving dock at Esquimalt in 1926, built to replace the smaller, crumbling graving dock dating from 1887.
He said since commencing operations in October 1977, Asry has continued to grow its repair facilities which now include - in addition to the repair quay wall - a 500,000 dead weight tonnage (dwt) capacity graving dock, two floating docks capable of accommodating vessels up to 80,000 dwt and 120,000 dwt, two of the largest slipways in operation in the region and 15 repair berths.
New building berth : 160 units * Biggest capacity of new building : 50,000 DWT * New building, annual capacity : 500,000 DWT * Graving dock, floating dock, slipway : 208 units * Biggest dock capacity : 150,000 DWT * Docking, annual capacity : 6,000,000 GT * Ship production : 5,600,000 GT in 2007; 7,250,000 GT in 2008
At Oxford's Florey Building, Stirling realised a ship/dock hybrid, with battered courtyard walls recalling a graving dock, while the diagonally propped outer wall resemble a ship's hull, even to its gangway-like stairs.
FACILITIES Asry's vast facilities and infrastructure includes Asry's No 1 dock, a 500,000-dwt capacity graving dock with an overall length of 375 m and width of 75 m and capable of handling multiple dockings with vessel draughts up to 10.
An example of this tug of war over waterfront land use is the controversy over the 730 foot ship repair facility called a graving dock that is literally being buried under the Ikea parking lot in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
A culvert that was built to drain the dry dock of the London Graving Dock follows its perimeter and empties into the river on the downstream side of the later South West India Dock entrance by the historic 'Gun' Tavern.
The second award, in the category of "Issue Management," honored WSDOT for its communications plan for the construction site of the Hood Canal Bridge Graving Dock.
The CGS was constructed in the Philippines at a specially built graving dock at Green Beach, Subic Bay.
The smaller graving dock could hold two pontoons at a time.
The graving dock at our Texas facility has been drained and we have commenced the necessary repairs.
HSL: Hindustan Shipyard Limited has developed infrastructure facility for covered building dock, three slipways, repair graving dock, large wet basin with depth of 10M, high pressure hydraulic flushing facilities for submarines etc.
Plans for Phase 2 include the construction of a graving dock with added facilities for offshore projects.