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the measurement of specific gravity

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Local normal height connection across sea with ship-borne gravimetry and GNSS techniques.
Annual values of frequency of occurrence (O), numeric frequency (FN), Gravimetry (G) and Index of relative importance of prey in the stomach of Cocobolo in Cienaga Grande de Lorica.
Among the topics are electromagnetic properties of components of the cryosphere, remote sensing snow depth and snow water equivalent, remote sensing accumulation over the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, gravimetry measurements from space, remote sensing lake and river ice, and field measurements for the remote sensing of the cryosphere.
The seedlings of NWL treatment maintained ~25% soil water content (corresponding to field water capacity) by gravimetry.
Paul Brewer, principal research scientist at NPL, said: "By using high accuracy gravimetry, we were able to prepare a gas mixture that accurately replicated the natural occurring isotopic carbon dioxide.
Not correcting for isotopic abundance would underestimate the true testosterone concentration in samples measured with the reference method and thus overestimate the concentration (relative to the reference method) for laboratories that use gravimetry and isotope dilution with calibration curves for measurement.
The research titled 'Kinetic studies of pyrolysis and combustion of Thar coal by thermo gravimetry and chemo metric data analysis' has been published in the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.
Along with gravimetry, astrometric determination of vertical (plumb line) deflections can give important contribution in determination of local geoid properties (Featherstone, Rueger 2000; Featherstone, Lichti 2009).
Imaging modalities such as computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography have all been used to quantify EVLW however gravimetry is considered to be the gold standard (55,56).
The moisture content of the crambe fruits was determined by gravimetry, using an oven at 105 [+ or -] 1[degrees]C with forced ventilation for 24 hours, with three replicates (BRASIL, 2009).
The water mass content of soil was determined by gravimetry with oven drying at 105[degrees]C for 24 h.
4 Table 3: The Elemental Composition of Clay Samples by Titremetry, Spectrometry and Gravimetry in ppm.
Coseismic gravity changes of the 2010 earthquake in central Chile from satellite gravimetry.
Therefore, EPA method 1664, "n-Hexane Extractable Material (HEM) and Silica Gel Treated n-Hexane Extractable Material (SGTHEM) by Extraction and Gravimetry (Oil and Grease and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons)", will replace the methods using Freon-113 (US EPA method 1664, 2002).