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of or relating to hydrometry


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All of these have been gravimetrically prepared and ampouled using an established standard operating procedure.
Single plant water use was quantified gravimetrically by frequent, automated recording of pot weights, and transpired water was replaced by a computer controlled watering system such that actual soil water contents were maintained within a narrow, predetermined range.
We calculated concentration on lipid weight basis based on concentration in wet weight basis and lipid content, which was gravimetrically measured as mentioned previously.
The valve was removed from the slit-die exit and the extrusion done as follows: with the extruder parameters set as shown in Table 2, the polymer mixture was fed gravimetrically at constant throughput of 25 kg [h.
3]) was added gravimetrically to the solution from a weighed ([+ or -] 0.
In the first process zone of the compounding extruder, the gravimetrically fed raw materials and additives are heated to form a homogenous melt.
Concurrently, he gravimetrically measured moisture increases of reindeer lichen (Cladina rangiferina L.
Sediment in runoff was determined gravimetrically after water removal and drying at 105 [degrees] C (221 [degrees] F).
All mixes are produced gravimetrically using NIST-traceable weights for accuracy, and come with a unique serial number and certificate of analysis, ensuring confidence in the cylinder's con tents, as well as calculated data.
However, it still contained a number of modified and truncated protein forms with the SI reference value assigned as amount of "isolated protein" added gravimetrically, expressed as "somatropin plus somatropin-related proteins.
The base product as well as the powder melt are gravimetrically fed at room temperature to the product inlet.
did a lot of development work using its corotating twin-rotor CP continuous mixer to feed 20% undried wood flour gravimetrically with resin pellets and additives at the feed throat.
The physical properties of the samples were then measured, including gravimetrically determined volumetric moisture content ([[theta].