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of or relating to hydrometry


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The sample was then dissolved and filtered to gravimetrically determine the amount of carbon black present.
9642; The recovered oil and water gravimetrically separate within 30 minutes, making the waste stream easy to handle
2 mm discrepancy between surveyed geometric and gravimetrically corrected normal heights, a significant error in terms of precise levelling.
The closer you can fill the flights of the feed screw volumetrically to 100%, the better the feeder will perform gravimetrically.
The water content of 2 g samples of pollen was measured gravimetrically with an infrared drying system (Mettler LP16).
The rate of saliva secretion was then determined gravimetrically (mL x [min.
The base product, as well as the powdery melt, are gravimetrically fed at room temperature to the product inlet.
The pods were shelled, sorted and moisture content of clean kernels gravimetrically determined by oven-drying 10 g representative samples to a constant weight for use.
Total lipids in the tissue were then measured gravimetrically after extracting lipids from the tissue with methanol and chloroform according to Bligh and Dyer (1959).
In this study, (17) plasma water concentration was determined by 3 methods: ISE, protein/lipid, and gravimetrically.
The previously tested wood samples were ground to a size 20 mesh, and holocellulose content was analyzed gravimetrically.
Due to the nearly pure p-DCB and naphthalene composition of each product, p-DCB and naphthalene emission rates were calculated gravimetrically.
The precipitate was filtered and the amount of sulphur was determined gravimetrically Mangena and Cann (2007).