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of or relating to hydrometry


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Local gravimetrical profiles divide the Camaqua Basin in a south region, along with a basement, and the Parana Basin showing the possible density relationships between different sediments of Godwana with low density (0 and +1), and the sediments of the Guaritas Formation in the Camaqua Basin.
In the case of this example, the INEGI results from the gravimetrical geoid computation (GGM05) are used to approximate every term of equation 6.
The gravimetrical method was often selected for measuring the mass concentrations P[M.
A Buchler choridometer was used to find the chloride concentration and TDS was determined gravimetrical ly (American Public Health Association 1992).
We recorded the phenological states of the annual plants and the shrub Ambrosia along with rainfall amounts and gravimetrical measurements of soil water contents [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
After the chloroform was evaporated at 40[degrees]C with N2-gas, the lipid extract was freeze-dried to remove all solvent traces prior to gravimetrical determination of total lipids.
Instrumental errors mean changes of the recorded gravity produced by the technical imperfection of gravimetrical instruments.
The National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI) has been develop a new gravimetrical geoid model for the Mexican republic (GGM04), which has a greater accuracy that its predecessor MEXlCO97.
A gravimetrical test of distilled WA of dry coats was carried out by using coated steel samples with edges and a back side protected with a paraffin wax.