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of or relating to hydrometry


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When Baume is used in combination with a Gravimetric Method Specific Gravity and one of the viscosity tests, the combined results can become a useful diagnostic tool.
Batch dosing stations are comparatively cost-effective gravimetric systems, as they only require a single weigh or load cell.
Colortronic gravimetric and volumetric blenders for injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion.
Volumetric and gravimetric blending systems are available for multiple components, with gravimetric being the most common.
The gravimetric network of Estonia consists of about 300 points measured over the last ten years by State Land Board.
In contrast to conventional gravimetric water absorption stu dies, NIR spectroscopy allows differentiation between free or unbound water and hydrogen-bonded water, thereby aiding in elucidating how water interacted with the polymer network.
We are now partners with the world's leading gravimetric feeder and blender equipment manufacturer, and together we can offer customers complete, state-of-the-art systems solutions for their material handling needs.
has received a $150,000 order from Dalian Bingshan Rubber & Plastic Co, LTD for 6 PLAST-CONTROL gravimetric feeders, one automatic control unit, and one air ring.
How can I improve my screw feeder's gravimetric performance?
It was Mike who identified the market for gravimetric blender technology in the UK and was the first person to import gravimetric batch weight technology to Europe in 1990," said Edmondson.
The scope of the study is the processing and modeling of gravimetric and Magnetometric data in the maritime sector of Bulgaria.
An advanced model of the Maguire MGF gravimetric feeder provides more than double the throughput of the original system but has the same compact size and offers the same substantial price advantage over competing gravimetric units, it was announced by Maguire Europe.
The TEM-41SS and TEM-26SS extrusion systems include the twin screw extruders coupled with AccuRate Mechatron gravimetric feeders, pelletizing systems and other auxiliary equipment.
Volumetric and gravimetric feeders were found to be compliant with the sanitary requirements set forth by the USDA.
through its subsidiaries, is a major producer of gravimetric and volumetric feeders and blenders and gravimetric security systems with facilities and customers throughout the world.