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a measuring instrument for determining the specific gravity of a liquid or solid

a measuring instrument for measuring variations in the gravitational field of the earth

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2009, situated some 10 km West from the study area) by a digital quartz spring Scintrex CG5 gravimeter.
Gravity determination by the IPE using the GABL absolute gravimeter in Tallinn in 1975 are quite well documented by Arnautov et al.
To understand what we did, one first needs to understand the working principles of the JILA gravimeter (Fig.
The thermal gravimeter can record directly the loss in weight as a function of temperature or time (when operating under isothermal conditions) for transitions that involved dehydration or decomposition.
Mala Ramac GPR with all antenna sets; Scintrex CG5 gravimeter.
The scientists will also survey beneath the Ross Ice Shelf using a gravimeter, an instrument that can detect minute changes in gravitational fields below the aircraft.
Relative gravity testing was done every 10m along profiles of about 500m in longitude, using a Worden gravimeter.
This crystal was periodically checked against a 10 MHz rubidium standard, available as a part of a gravimeter system and tuned to within [10.
The thermal degradation temperature, Td, of the pure components was measured in a thermal gravimeter analyzer, TGA, from Netcsh, model STA 409.
This gravimeter offered an ideal way to look for subtle motions of Earth's surface.
The work of Stanley and Vezzoli [12] has been able to mathematically describe from first principles the detailed gravimeter data of Wang et al.
Ducarme of the Observetoire Royal de Belgique in Brussels published the results of their studies on changes in the local gravity field as measured by a superconducting gravimeter, which is at least 100 times more sensitive than a conventional gravity meter.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Commissioning And Field Testing Of Gravimeter With Integrated Gps And Training Thereon
Contract award: Procurement of portable Absolut Gravimeter.
These instruments include a laser altimeter to measure surface elevation changes, various radar instruments for determining snow depth and ice thickness, a gravimeter that will gather data on the size and shape of water cavities under ice shelves, and a digital camera instrument that takes high-resolution images useful for building maps and digital elevation models of the ice.