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Synonyms for gravidity

the condition of carrying a developing fetus within the uterus

Synonyms for gravidity

technical terms for pregnancy

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Patients were similar in both groups with regard to age, ethnic group, gravidity, and parity.
The two groups were balanced with respect to demographic means and frequencies regarding age, gravidity, parity, gestational age, and previous abnormal Pap smear (Table 1).
There was no difference between the two cohorts in the woman's age, gravidity, parity, number of abortions, method of birth control, race, financial classification, time of cryosurgery in menstrual cycle, probe size, or intensity of cramping during menses.
OBSERVATION AND RESULTS: All the basic parameters like age, gravidity parity and gestational age at the time of USG examination were matched for the two groups to prevent errors in results.
The patients in both groups, who were similar in regard to gravidity, parity, and gestation, received their respective treatments for 3 minutes before receiving a standardized spinal anesthetic consisting of 12 mg of bupivacaine, 0.
Information on the patient population was analyzed by age, marital status, race (defined as white, black, or other), payer, smoking behavior, prior history of GDM, and gravidity, parity, and abortion.
a) Gravidity distribution in the study Population: 45(45%) were primigravida and 55(55%) were multigravida.
Variables screened during the chart review included maternal age, gravidity, and parity abortion history; pregravid weight; weight gain during pregnancy; race/ethnicity; estimated gestational age (EGA) when prenatal care began; total number of prenatal visits; tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse; socioeconomic status; pregnancy dating criteria; type of delivery; complications; birthweight; EGA at birth; medical history; and disqualifying factors.
Gravidity: This table shows gravidity distribution in the screened population.
Other collected data included the duration of operation and anesthesia (time of sensory block), total IV fluid administration, cause of cesarean, gravidity, and side effects (maternal unconsciousness and respiratory depression).
There were no statistically significant differences in the gravidity, parity, gestational age, and birthweight between the groups (Table-I).
Multiple linear regression was used to investigate the association of cobalamin with fasting blood sugar level after adjusting for gestational age and gravidity.
Face-to-face questionnaires were used to collect the sociodemographic characteristics (including age, gravidity, parity, marital status, and occupation) and gynecological histories (including obstetric history, past history of PPROM, and history of trauma to the cervix).
34) However, a Turkish study (35) reported a significant difference in the gravidity of both groups.