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Synonyms for gravid

carrying a developing fetus within the uterus

Synonyms for gravid

in an advanced stage of pregnancy

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medinensis worm-infected copepods became infected with 12 worms; female worms were mated but not gravid because of their young age (Table).
In Chinese aquaculture, the gravid female crab or "egg crab" is regarded a delicacy, charged for a much higher price (about 240 RMB/kg) than the male crab (80 RMB/kg) (Chen 1990, Overton et al.
15,16) A unique cause of bowel obstruction in pregnancy results from bowel compression by a gravid uterus.
Of the 23 different species caught in the gravid traps, the most common were Culex quinquefasciatus (82%), Ae.
The 2 triangles are the capture locations on the Potomac River for the 2 gravid female shortnose sturgeon documented by Kynard et al.
In the current study, although there is no statistically significance, increased gravid was found to reduce depression 1.
Thirty-seven of these cases occurred within 4 miles of any gravid trap (and our analysis is based on those cases).
Female sand flies were separated into different categories; blood-fed, half-fed, un-fed and gravid/semi gravid on the basis of their anatomical examination.
Key words: Gravid uterus, Thoracic cavity, Diaphragmatic herniation, Short haired cat, Displaced heart, right sided, Fetuses.
On clinical examination, the gravid uterus could be felt down towards left side of the abdominal floor.
Part polemic, part self-important autobiography, and part panegyric, this fluid mix yields a thought-provoking romp through the gravid fields of translation studies, linguistic imperialism, and identity.
In contrast to field surveys, laboratory studies have documented the presence of gravid females and development of H.
Three adult snakes were encountered at this site; 1 adult male, 1 post-partum female, and 1 gravid female.