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Synonyms for graverobber

someone who steals valuables from graves or crypts

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someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

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TWO graverobbers have been caught on a pub's CCTV trying to sell a floral Rolex tribute that marked the 30th birthday of a dad who died in a bike crash.
The graverobbers once brought fear to the capital but around the pubs of Murrayfield last night Scottish fans were hailing the team that refused to die.
Collings's chapter on Burke concludes with his observations on the conversion of Burke's Gothic rhetoric about Jacobin graverobbers into his literal choice to be buried in an unmarked grave as Burke's way of "refus[ing] to be subject to the events of the future" (92).
Police suspect the graverobbers have exhumed the bodies to either sell the remains or indulge in necrophagia (consuming dead flesh), or perpetrate necrophilism or do something even worse to the corpses in different stages of decay.
Not that Ray Loverock, Jon Morbin, Alastair Jameson and Tom Holland - the Birmingham collective known as Loverock - are remotely interested in digging up corpses, like graverobbers of old.
Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis play the graverobbers trying to make a dubious living in 19th century Edinburgh, along with Isla Fisher, Tom Wilkinson, Hugh Bonneville, Bill Bailey, Ronnie Corbett, Christopher Lee.
Hugh Bonneville, who plays the Earl of Grantham, can be seen in current hit Burke and Hare, about the infamous graverobbers.
Not long after, to rub salt in a gaping wound, his buried body was then stolen - albeit only briefly - by graverobbers.
You'll find yourself singing lines like Living In Toytown, and The Graverobbers Arms long after you've put the CD back in its sleeve.
For those who aren't satisfied, and still want to see something really grisly, the Royal Mile's Tourist Information Centre offers a piece on graverobbers Burke and Hare in the form of Burke's Skin Pocket Book.
Though more expensive than the parish churchyards, it offered provision for most religious groups, and security against graverobbers with its high wall and gates.
The action is brutal; and the twists clever as he investigates the "resurrection men", the graverobbers vying for control of the market in supplying London's anatomy schools.
She was told that when the pub was frequented by the doctors of Roscoe Street there were macabre after-hour sessions when the 'sack em up men' or graverobbers would make their grim deliveries.
DETECTIVES are investigating an offer by animal rights activists today to return part of the remains of a grandmother whose body was stolen by graverobbers.
She refuses to accept at face value standard interpretations and she presents neither a simple picture of ignorance and abhorrence on one side and the drive for scientific knowledge on the other, nor a titillating but perhaps overblown gothic tale of graverobbers and body-sellers.