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Synonyms for graver

a tool used by an engraver

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The graver spirits imitated noble actions, and the actions of good men.
But if so, the reason is that when one reads such a letter as you have just sent me, one's heart involuntarily softens, and affords entrance to thoughts of a graver and weightier order.
Children, with bright faces, tripped merrily beside their parents, or mimicked a graver gait, in the conscious dignity of their Sunday clothes.
I think the Beetle must have shuddered at this idea, for Sylvie went on in a graver tone.
The minds of these simple savages, unoccupied by matters of graver moment, were capable of deriving the utmost delight from circumstances which would have passed unnoticed in more intelligent communities.
To this proposition Richard usually assented; and when rival geniuses who monopolize not only all the reputation but most of the money of a neighborhood, are of a mind, it is not uncommon to see them lead the fashion, even in graver matters.
I suppose I am graver than other people," said Fanny.
The maneuver was so arranged that the young men met in an open space which was left vacant, between the group of players and the gallery, where they walked, stopping now and then for the purpose of saying a few words to some of the graver courtiers who were walking there.
Kala Nag-which means Black Snake-and Nazim were two of the biggest elephants in the lines, and one of their duties was to administer the graver punishment, since no man can beat an elephant properly.
I marvel how your worship finds time to read such nonsense among your graver studies.
And that girl Rose seemed to fear something graver even than a scandal.
Sir Nathaniel looked graver and graver as the narration proceeded, and when Adam had stopped he remained silent for several minutes, before speaking.
From what you have told me I think that it is possible that graver issues hang from it than might at first sight appear.
Father Brown gathered, from the course of the conversation, that Cray, the other gourmet, had to leave before the usual lunch-time; but that Putnam, his host, not to be done out of a final feast with an old crony, had arranged for a special dejeuner to be set out and consumed in the course of the morning, while Audrey and other graver persons were at morning service.
Her resolve, however, had been taken, and it seemed vacillating even to childishness to abandon it now, unless for graver reasons.