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Synonyms for graveness

the condition of being grave and of involving serious consequences

high seriousness of manner or bearing

Synonyms for graveness

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With the backdrop of such graveness of the issue of child labour, this paper aims to make a study on it with special reference to rural parts of Tripura.
For a long time I felt like an astronomer looking up all her days and nights yearning to know how many corners the universe held, and in how many were there beings fighting over power and fighting over access to pleasures and comparing theater experiences and writing history books and poems and fashioning devious and subtle prisons for one another and efficiently murdering and healing one another--in surprising efficiency or in surprising incompetence, given the graveness of their tasks.
The sentence was handed down given the graveness of Lai's offences and "an extremely large amount of money" involved, and Lai as the mastermind should be held responsible for all the crimes his syndicate committed, the court said.
In these cases, school members resort to what may be called a "traditional answer repertoire," which includes procedures perfectly identified by students and teachers that rank according to the graveness of the penalty that offenders face.
If we want to take Fukushima seriously as a data point--and its graveness makes it apparent that we should--then we should take it as an important case study for what it means to be sustainable in the sociotechnical environments of the 21st century Our accent in this paper has been on the "socio" component of sociotechnical.
Of this tribe, Nuttall observed that "the Otoways affect the wreath or turban" like the Cherokees to the south, and "some of the venerable chiefs have all the suavity & graveness of a Grand Senor.
With this information alone, it would have been difficult to judge the adequacy of the client's response, and some additional factual detail would have been needed to provide the practitioner with information about the graveness of the client's physical condition, the actual requirements for treatment, and the realistic prognosis.
One can conveniently appreciate how well the government was tackling the issue of circular debt as it is cognizant to the graveness of the problem and recently decided to release Rs 41 billion to clear the PSOs dues.
However far from the above and in yet another development , despite the several attempts by the Sudanese authorities both in Khartoum and Juba to downplay the graveness of their human right abuses, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called for more observers for the upcoming elections in Sudan.
A small investor action group called the Investor Graveness Forum, based in Mumbai has suggested that these independent directors should only be nominated from a panel appointed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India.
Deterioration of the quality of life of the population, both urban and rural, as diseases of diverse nature and graveness are caused, as well as the psychological consequences from the change of life of the communities.
Recently, this subject has been renewed with more graveness, backed with tangible evidence that is signaling a true crisis among Lebanon's newspapers, even if it is still an "underground" concern.
Japanese Ambassador Takasu told a news conference later Friday that he thinks the Security Council is ready to take ''appropriate action'' if Pyongyang conduct a third nuclear test in accordance with the graveness of its new provocative action.