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a material effigy that is worshipped

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Due to the biblical ban on graven images (Exodus 20:4), such practices sparked contention within the church--and sometimes even violence, notably in Byzantium during the Iconoclastic Controversy of the 8th and 9th centuries and in Western Europe during the Protestant Reformation.
The lounge was designed by Glasgow-based Graven Images and features artworks from Edinburgh School of Art.
They lie across the sanctuary from each other, their graven images sleeping with swords on their chests.
ROX has also outlined plans to invest a further PS1m in a new store in Leeds and both of the new stores will be designed by Graven Images, following the firm's work on ROX's stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Garfinkel said the lack of graven images and pig bones among the artifacts suggest the inhabitants observed bans outlined by the Hebrew Bible.
Design firm Graven Images won the Outstanding Contribution award.
The Missoni design team then compiles mood boards, fabric selections, objects, imagery, furniture items, plant selections, country images, etc that are shared with the interior design agency -- in this case Graven Images -- as the design brief.
The exhibition features 25 black and white photographs that tellingly depict the medieval existence of a section of humanity that abhors all modern comforts including electricity, telephone, radio, cars and even photographs, which they refer to as " graven images.
The book includes maps and photos, even some of a people who regard such as forbidden graven images.
Sixty Three Tickle Me - which is a bingo call expression - was produced by Glasgow-based artists Graven Images and provides a striking backdrop to the new offices.
While some religions condemn graven images of holy people and objects, both Orthodox and Roman Catholic forms of Christianity embrace them as part of their worship and ritual.
Scrupulousness in Jewish law among the Ashkenazi Jews of the period led to their strict observance of the biblical prohibition of creating graven images and the depiction of humans with bird's heads for faces.
This made the prohibition of graven images a separate second commandment and provided a charter for iconoclasts.
Graven Images, at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery's Waterhall Gallery, brings together many prints, from the first tentative ones when she was still at the Slade School of Fine Art to the very recent.
To be clear, the injunction against graven images is actually the second commandment for Jewish, Anglican, Greek, and most Reformed traditions, who count our first commandment as two and make up the difference by counting our last two "coveting" commandments as one.