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Synonyms for gravely

in a grave and sober manner

to a severe or serious degree

References in classic literature ?
Of course I sha'n't go alone," I said, quite gravely.
As there was only one cluster of hare-bells within easy reach, I said very gravely that I thought one would do this time, and I picked it and gave it to him.
Then, gravely again: "I'm afraid some of your older sisters would not be quite so--confident.
I tried to restrain myself; but the sense of the absurdity of this last petition (quite gravely addressed to me, remember
He sat looking at my dress (as I supposed) with a steady and anxious attention, gravely forming his own conclusions, steadfastly pursuing his own train of thought.
March smile, but she said gravely, "Jo, I confide in you and don't wish you to say anything to Meg yet.
Taking from his hat a three-cornered parcel, he unfolded a handsome saffrona rose, which he gravely presented to her.
Dick shook hands gravely, got as far as the door, and paused.
I see what you think of me," said he gravely -- "I shall make but a poor figure in your journal tomorrow.
It is very pretty, madam," said he, gravely examining it; "but I do not think it will wash well; I am afraid it will fray.
They--they won't hardly know what to make of all your splendid furniture and things," protested Dorothy, gravely.
Then she turned to her courtiers, who were silently and gravely regarding the scene, and added: "I present to my people our Princess Dorothy's beloved Uncle Henry and Aunt Em, who will hereafter be subjects of our kingdom.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has said it is gravely concerned over use of chemical weapons by Indian Forces in Occupied Kashmir.
Summary: Beijing [China], August 10 (ANI): The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said Indian troops have gravely infringed on China's sovereignty.
Jerusalem/PNN The German government said on Monday that it was gravely concerned about Israeli settlement plans in East Jerusalem, reports WAFA news agency.