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Synonyms for gravelly

Synonyms for gravelly

abounding in small stones

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unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound

References in classic literature ?
I fell helplessly, in full sight of the Mar- tians, upon the broad, bare gravelly spit that runs down to mark the angle of the Wey and Thames.
Everywhere the landscape wears the same sterile aspect; a dry gravelly soil supports tufts of brown withered grass, and low scattered bushes, armed with thorns.
The van smashed into the front of a house in Gravelly Lane, Erdington, at about 10pm on Thursday.
Gravelly Hill (formerly Tyburn) Border with Stockland Green moved to include Gravelly Hill Station in new ward.
Gravelly Hill Interchange is a heavily trafficked interchange on the M6 providing links to Birmingham City Centre as well as surrounding areas.
John Hurt sets the scene in such gravelly tones, you kind of believe him.
Choosing to stick with his own work, George Ezra's Budapest showcases his gravelly voice at its best.
Evan Gray's gravelly vocals have the rasp of Robert Plant, while bass player Mick Walsh's bass owes a nod to Stone Roses' Mani.
SPAGHETTI Junction is officially known as the Gravelly Hill Interchange.
Based on these analyses, the Aghajari Formation in the studied section is interpreted to represent fluvial deposition marked by meandering ephemeral sandy river to sandy-gravelly meandering and gravelly meandering river.
Most of the songs played were a diverse selection of covers, all of them bent to Stigers' style of minimal music and a skilful vocal display that moves between a rich baritone and a crisp, gravelly tone.
Summary: The open-ended strike of EDL contract workers will gravelly affect the operations of the company if this problem is not solved soon, the head of EDL's employee union told The Daily Star.
Sabre's distinctive gravelly vocals continues to impress throughout.
Mhodr quoted as saying in statement after a meeting held in his office that: "Iraq needs foreign expertise to develop it's infrastructure that gravelly harmed ,stressing that Sweden in the forefront of countries that Iraq desire want to deal with in For his part, Ambassador of Sweden pointed out that : "Swedish companies opened an office in Baghdad to coordinate with the Iraqi ministries and to create closer cooperation ".
There's a low, gravelly funk that underscores the band's island-inspired groove and gives an edge to a genre that's often made milquetoast in American hands.