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a person who earns a living by digging graves

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Mohammad Nasir , another gravedigger, said: Mixing husk with mud is really a tough job.
When we were kids Ted brought us lucky bags I can't remember if Ted ever smoked "fags" The parties they had large gatherings and Ted's home brew I'm standing here and another gravedigger comes up too These men rally around our Ted's grave And keep it nice with flowers, Ted will be saved
Mr Linnane said the 8ft depth "puts the lives of gravediggers in danger".
22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ABC News has reported that a gravedigger in New York City has suffered an injury after he fell backwards into a freshly dug plot (Gravedigger Hurt While Falling Into Newly Dug Hole, September 6, 2014).
At the safer cemetaries, gravediggers have resorted to burying two people in the space of one, or opening up old family plots, sweeping up the bones and adding a new body.
Bowen had a good work record, having been a council gravedigger for about eight years, with a "glowing" reference from the cemetery boss.
As a gravedigger, Antoniotti's job is to pull parts from the more than 4,400 aircraft contained within the Boneyard.
In the classic movie Magnificent 7 (1960), the gravedigger of a small town in the Wild West has a problem.
Victorian gravedigger Richie Baker tells some ghost stories to pupils from Christ Church, in St James'' Gardens Pictures: JAMES MALONEY
Syrian writer, Ali Jamalu, referred to Feltman in his Tishreen article as "A gravedigger reaping lives" and said that during and after the Israeli offensive on Lebanon in 2006, Feltman "fooled some Lebanese in the name of sovereignty, freedom and independence and turned them into helpless tools used in the Arab-Israeli struggle.
Gravedigger Simon Harris, 32, fromRhoose, whowent to the rescue of his partner Lisa Thompson, 38, after her car suffered serious wheel damage, said: "I've dug graves smaller than this pothole.
IN THE LAND OF LONG FINGERNAILS; A GRAVEDIGGER IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS tells of a college student who takes a job as a gravedigger--and discovers his job involves more than just digging graves.
She is born in the New York harbor in 1936 as her family is emigrating from Germany Her father, the gravedigger, often says she is the only one of the family, the only native American, who has a chance amid the prejudice and ignorance of upstate New York where they settle.
When the Schwart family escapes Nazi Germany and settles in a small town in upstate New York, Jacob, the educated father, finds work as a lowly gravedigger.