grave mound

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(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs

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A food scientist by training - he was once technical director of 14 companies - Victor had his schooling in Cheltenham in the 1920s and it was observing stone circles and grave mounds during this period that sparked his interest in past civilisations.
You can go to places and see things - South Wales is littered with about 200 stones, dozens of grave mounds, tombs, all sorts of artefacts.
Topics include Viking warrior burials which may be the longphort, a group of Viking grave mounds and their conservation, a Viking-age story of old and new Dubliners in Ireland and Britain, the possibility of Dublin actually being a duet of Hiberno-Norse cities, a report from the Monasticon Hibernicum Project, a narrative of a guild merchant, a report of an Anglo-Norman excavation, a description of an early suburb, and information on investigating living standards.
Quite recently, the state purchased the farm of Kvia in the Ha commune to preserve and make accessible the remains (which vary from 3000 year old grave mounds to Second World War German fortifications).
In the 1950s archaeologists indeed uncovered a 5,000-year-old city with a temple, forts, an ancient village and thousands of grave mounds.