grave accent

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a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation


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You can toggle in and out of Show Formulas mode using Ctrl+ (the grave accent key).
His first name, ArsAne, even has a grave accent on it, yet he pronounces his surname 'Venger' in the Teutonic style.
Another "French Flies" Kickshaw is exhibited by Albert Ketelbey (1875-1959), an English composer of light music; the family name was stressed on the first syllable, but Albert decided to pronounce it with the stress on the second syllable, and added a grave accent to the second E.
Capital to understanding Nerval's intent in Les Petits chateaux de Boheme is Brix's distinction between Boheme with circumflex accent, corresponding to the period of youth that preceded Nerval's serious entrance into the professional world, and Boheme in the traditional sense with grave accent, to which it was changed by many editors, belying Nerval's lifelong struggle to win recognition for his literary talents.
By placing a grave accent on the 'a' he misunderstands Gautier's 'L'art robuste/Seul a l'eternite' and 'au travail/Rebelle' means 'difficult to work' not 'when worked on'.