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ACCLAIMED French filmmakers Alexandre Aja and Gregory Levasseur squander their talents on this gratuitously violent and derivative game of cat and mouse around a deserted car park.
Only a very small minority of drivers appear to be belligerent, rude or just systematically and gratuitously unhelpful," the report said.
The volume includes pro and con issue summary boxes; a glossary; and appended material on current environmental crises, medicine in China and Tibet today, settlements and rulings under the False Claims Act, gene therapy, and gratuitously, a chronology of Judaism and Christianity.
The Departed'': Without the ultra-glittery cast and director Martin Scorsese, this marvelously profane, gratuitously bloody entertainment probably wouldn't have had a chance.
02(4) permits a deduction not to exceed the vehicle's FMV if the charity sells the vehicle at a price significantly below that value or gratuitously transfers the vehicle to a needy individual in direct furtherance of the donee organization's charitable purpose of relieving the poor and distressed or the underprivileged who are in need of transportation.
Taxpayers may take a deduction for the fair market value of a vehicle if the charity sells it at a price significantly below fair market value, or gratuitously transfers the vehicle, to a needy individual in furtherance of the donee organization's charitable purpose of relieving the poor and distressed or the underprivileged in need of transportation.
He managed to annoy the Modernists enough to earn the boycott of his journal by leaving Frank Lloyd Wright out of his account of the United States, failing to back Mendelsohn on the planning battle over the Herpich Store, and being gratuitously rude about the Amsterdam School.
You don't need to be Phyllis Schlafly to wonder just where the hell the daddy squirrel has gone in this scenario, which reads like a Republican parody of Democratic devotion to a gratuitously feminized social welfare state.
Preston and Child are known for tense, macabre, escapist thrillers, refreshingly short on the gratuitously brutal details that characterize too many detective novels.
Like his first greatest gift, namely faith, it is sheer gift, gratuitously given without having earned it or deserved it in the slightest.
For those not in the know, Chris Bell is a one-term Texas Democratic congressman who lost his bid for reelection when the Texas legislature gratuitously gerrymandered him into a district where he had to face another (apparently more popular) Democratic incumbent.
Rather, educators must learn to respond to a violent episode without gratuitously calling so much direct attention to it.
With a design firm as the landlord, tenants will gratuitously have their offices custom designed.
In the main, these are either gratuitously encomiastic or post-pranidal.
Women present their sexuality gratuitously while men, often sharply dressed in suits, randomly explode in fights with one another.