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in a harsh and grating manner

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Throughout the series, whenever he quotes from Twain's book, he does so in a gratingly bad Southern accent.
He has a milder approach than Paxman, but is just as effective and his tones are not gratingly strident as that other Newsnight Scot, Kirsty Wark.
Programmatic or not, the work's thundering majesty can sound gratingly dated to 21st century ears but this account avoided pomposity entirely, conductor Tadaaki Otaka directing simple, dignified statements of the big theme and unleashing controlled bursts of wildness into the opening movement.
Lee, on the other hand, is gratingly annoying as the whiny writer.
It doesn't quite come off that way, because actress Calista Flockhart has clearly got a lot more about her than just the body of a 16-year-old, a well cut hairdo and a gratingly cute grin.
The latter used the ousting of the manager as an opportunity to dust off accusations which have become gratingly familiar to the board over the years; that they don't equip their manager with sufficient cash in the transfer market and that they lack ambition.
In most cases, the impeccably-dressed woman is gratingly chirpy and the man is prone to making grand declarations of love while breaking out into a song or two.
One signatory, Di Young, commented: "It's just gratingly awful".
At the same time, it is to some degree also biographic--at times somewhat gratingly, as for instance when Pappe reproduces a verbatim praise of his statements and intellectual approach by Edward Said and Perry Anderson (pp.
And our poshest and most gratingly English politicians (all the ones in power, basically) had wisely opted to keep their heads down.
And those 18th-century conventions of speech and etiquette are often gratingly stilted in "Belle,'' stifling the film of any naturalism.
In his effort to show them who's boss, he adopts a gratingly arrogant manner of speech which could, you suspect, be channelled into formidable debating skills.
His own films showed minimal visual flair and a gratingly arch sense of humour.
What genre--if that term even applies--of online photography could be more gratingly anodyne than the compulsively shared cataloging of last night's dinner?
Susan Bulloch's Brunnhilde is even more problematic, to the point where the wavering and lunging produce some gratingly unmusical results.