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in a gratifying manner


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outing for the sexy, edgy Canadian novelist, steered your way by the gratifyingly dark-souled Dennis Cooper.
Both problems are resolved gratifyingly, and more ingeniously than previous seasons' mysteries were cracked.
And because Hotel 55 is 30 minutes from the rat-racers, tourists and the unfriendly locals of central London, the short journey from the hotel to the Tube was gratifyingly quiet and uneventful.
The quotations themselves, while gratifyingly liberal, are inconsistent in their handling of original texts versus translations: while German sources are quoted in the original language in the text and translated in the very detailed endnotes, Hungarian sources are quoted in English in the text and given in the original language in the notes.
MUFFIN BEGAT blueberry muffin, and from their lineage sprang--during the '80s--a host of other muffins in a gratifyingly broad range of flavors.
We call upon them to respect the sovereignty of South Sudan, the feelings of its people and the pride of its citizens for having earned independence after five decades of bloody war gratifyingly with support of these organizations and countries," he said.
There are few occasions where a Trajan-inspired Roman is used, but gratifyingly few, his was an approach to letterforms which sprang from ongoing interests and the words to hand, not on accepted dogma or practice.
For those who have spent much of the past few years predicting a Chinese economic apocalypse, this new policy direction from the Chinese authorities gratifyingly suggests that the economy is in much worse shape than the widely disbelieved official statistics would imply.
And gratifyingly, throughout this period of growth, both criminal and accidental misuses of firearms continued to drop," Sanetti said.
Gratifyingly, he told me I was the man who prompted him to go on a crash diet.
Most gratifyingly of all, they preserve the basic morals and foundations of each story, but subtly tweak these tales and breathe enough fresh life into them so that they are interesting.
Gratifyingly, the answer was stepping to Rips, a bustling floorshaker of a rock and roll record.
Factually, in many an entrenched democracy over the period city mayors have shown up with their performance so brilliantly that the electorate gratifyingly chose them for the highest state offices when they threw their hats in the electoral ring.
Our offering to North America also developed gratifyingly, especially our flight service to Chicago.
BetCoin (TM) Dice focuses on bringing you the most exciting and highest paying online dice game in the world, with a luxurious feeling as well as gratifyingly smooth functionality.