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Synonyms for gratified

having achieved satisfaction, as of one's goal

Words related to gratified

having received what was desired

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He is extraordinarily gratified that he took the time to meet with him.
1 : to give pleasure or satisfaction to <The loud applause gratified her.
We are so pleased that these internationally renowned teams will participate in the design competition and are gratified by the enormous interest the design community has demonstrated in the transformation of Governors Island," said Pat Foye, chair of the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) of which GIPEC is a subsidiary.
Well, praise the Lord, hush my mouth and similar expressions of gratified surprise.
We are gratified that after a full and open process, the Administration has issued a plan that recognizes the need for partnership and participation to protect cyberspace--not mandates and government intervention," said ITAA President Harris N.
We are gratified that when GM required an additional volume source for this specialized aluminum component, they turned to Superior as the supplier of choice," said Louis Borick, chairman and CEO at Superior.
Ruskin is not gratified by finding that the fullest weight of his disapproval, is thought to be represented by the weight of one farthing.
As a neurologist specializing in multiple sclerosis, I was gratified to read "When MS is Really a Pain" [Summer 1999, p.
Needless to say, the International Planned Parenthood Association is gratified.
We are gratified by this solid momentum in our business and the favorable prospects we see for continued growth.
We are extremely gratified that Regency was able to see the intrinsic value in locating at a site that was further away from the main distribution hubs and their cost savings will reflect that", said Joel Bergstein, executive vice president Of Lincoln Equities Group.
I'm very gratified that the jury found the truth," Severo said.
We're tremendously gratified by Bob's decision to join our team here at Cequint," said Cequint CEO Rick Hennessey.
We are indeed gratified with the confidence SDG&E has shown in Comverge as exemplified by this expansion; a confidence earned through three years of operational excellence under SDG&E's current VPC program.
Our Firm is proud to be able to help Habitat for Humanity in its efforts to provide affordable housing and we are gratified that the Town gave its full cooperation and recognized the public benefit of the application," said Michael H.