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a network of fine lines, dots, cross hairs, or wires in the focal plane of the eyepiece of an optical instrument

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In addition to displaying latitude and longitude graticule lines, users can now perform viewshed analysis.
Perceiving the world through the lens of the Sacred Text, using Scripture as an epistemological filter to winnow all spacio-historical information, the resultant data were then projected onto the map's graticule according to their relative eschatological significance.
It combines the Ptolomaic graticule with a cosmology that includes wind cherubs, the world as limited and surrounded by oceans and constituted by the tri-partite continental mass of Eurasia/Africa, and unknown regions of land and ocean inhabited by fantastic beings.
Highly cellular regions of the various tumors were counted using an optical graticule of 0.
Under a binocular dissecting microscope, two mutually perpendicular lengths across the eyeball (the distances between tangents to its outer surface) were measured using the parallel lines of an eyepiece graticule.
Above this is attached a movable 'rete', a kind of openwork graticule bearing little curlicued pointers identifying the positions of the bright stars.
The first new units of the Mars range are the 4X-3P (at top in photo above) and the 6X-3P and feature ATN's proprietary dual-colour manual brightness aiming graticule, which allows the operator to choose from a red or amber projection depending on the ambient lighting.
Before use, the microscope had been calibrated using a graticule such that the number of pixels corresponding to a distance of 10 [micro]m was known.
Where: U = number of graticule squares that are at least half filled with carbon black; L = volume percentage of carbon black in the compound; and S = swelling factor of the specimen based on area.
sarba has indeterminate fecundity, the diameters of 100 oocytes in histological sections of stage-VI ovaries of two fish caught during the spawning period were measured to the nearest 10 [micro]m by using an eyepiece graticule in a compound microscope and the stage of each of those oocytes was recorded.
003 mm/m, plus RS-232 interface and a 110 mm diameter projector with 20X magnification, stationary and rotating graticule.
For the energies released by the new discipline of geography in the form of mathematical perspective and the graticule of mathematical coordinates would equip Europeans, especially Iberians, with an improved cartography and navigation, opening up the world to their aggressiveness and allowing them to begin to establish a global arena of opportunity, exploitation, and conquest.
The numbered sequence of latitude and longitude values, known as the graticule, explicitly recognized the other half of the world.
Onto a network of lines called a graticule, cartographers plot the outlines of continents and countries.