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a network of fine lines, dots, cross hairs, or wires in the focal plane of the eyepiece of an optical instrument

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70cm long on the image, but now the map scale was different: the 10m graticule in Figure 3 was 1.
In addition to displaying latitude and longitude graticule lines, users can now perform viewshed analysis.
The height of 10 well orientated villi and their adjoined crypts were measured with a light microscope using a calibrated eyepiece graticule and a computer-assisted, image-analysis system (Pluske et al.
Using a Weibel graticule (WEIBEL, 1963; LOWE; MOORE, 1985) coupled to the microscope objective and using the 40 x lens, 10 fields were randomly chosen per slide per animal.
A dissecting stereo microscope with eyepiece graticule (units 1-100 m) was used; measurements were taken through the right eyepiece only to avoid distortion from change of angle (Peck, 2009).
New agreement in assessing vertical cup:disc ratio using 78D lens with slit lamp eyepiece measuring graticule.
had to develop a new set of technologies, called RealEdge, that preserved signal integrity to the oscilloscope's graticule.
Measurements (in millimeters) follow Chamberlin (1931), and were made using an ocular graticule.
With a high-resolution DSO, if the waveform fits vertically within the display graticule, no clipping will occur, and acquired data can be zoomed for closer examination of actual sample values.
To ensure that our land cover analyses accurately represented conditions at the time of the bird surveys, we superimposed a 100-m graticule on each photo, selected 50 graticule points near each wetland, and compared the 2003 photos with 2008 photos (which became available after our work was completed).
Cells were counted using an epifluorescent compound microscope equipped with an ocular graticule by counting 10 view fields per filter and were averaged for use in analyses (APHA et al.
Their effect on pigment distribution and translocation velocity was evaluated by quantifying pigment distribution in the cell extensions of ovarian chromatosomes measuring 180 to 220 [micro]m in diameter, at 2-min intervals, against a calibrated ocular graticule.