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Synonyms for gratefully

with appreciation

in a thankful manner


References in classic literature ?
He seemed to think it was worth the trouble, for he smiled to himself as if quite satisfied, pressed the plump hand gratefully, and said in his most persuasive tone, "Will you try and find out?
You are always a great comfort to me, Teddy," returned Jo, gratefully shaking hands.
Magdalen stopped his mouth by a summary process, to which even Frank submitted gratefully.
The clock struck the half-hour, struck the three-quarters -- and still she sat there, with the music-book on her lap, dreaming happily over the old songs; thinking gratefully of the golden days when his hand had turned the pages for her, when his voice had whispered the words which no woman's memory ever forgets.
She brought him some milk, and he drank of it gratefully and lay down again, to forget in pleasant dreams his lost battle and his humbled pride.
Although I myself was gratefully sensible of the kindness of Pesca's motives, my spirits were hardly so much elevated as they ought to have been by the prospect of future employment now placed before me.
Family flowers only but if desired donations in memory of Mavis will be gratefully accepted.
Family flowers only but donations if desired gratefully accepted towards North Clwyd Animal Rescue per R.
Above all else, Beyond The Lie gratefully speaks to Christian readers of the glorious sacred love of Christ redeeming them from the bonds of their past, the temptations of the present, and the promise of the future.
The 2006 PIMA International Leadership Conference would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors, and we gratefully acknowledge the following:
This is the complete and "user-friendly" informational guide for any dog owner and the care they should take for the diet and overall healthy upkeep for their gratefully cherished canine companion.
Under Huntsman, Utah has enacted a measure issuing "privilege cards" to illegal migrants from Mexico, a gesture that was gratefully noted by Fox during his talks with Utah's governor.
The time given by the numerous monitors and other volunteers is gratefully acknowledged.
Some members gratefully accepted lifts on golf carts driven by volunteers from the host diocese of Niagara.
Steadily if slowly, we can gratefully conclude that our country increasingly looks like the one King dreamed about 40 years ago.