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Synonyms for grateful


Synonyms for grateful

Synonyms for grateful

feeling or showing gratitude

affording comfort or pleasure

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Beth blushed like a rose under the friendly look he wore, but she was not frightened now, and gave the hand a grateful squeeze because she had no words to thank him for the precious gift he had given her.
She was not struck by any thing remarkably clever in Miss Smith's conversation, but she found her altogether very engagingnot inconveniently shy, not unwilling to talkand yet so far from pushing, shewing so proper and becoming a deference, seeming so pleasantly grateful for being admitted to Hartfield, and so artlessly impressed by the appearance of every thing in so superior a style to what she had been used to, that she must have good sense, and deserve encouragement.
Pumblechook, "be grateful, boy, to them which brought you up by hand.
Maybe, then, it means she was grateful that she'd had him as long as she did," suggested Peter.
When he got abroad at last he was hardly grateful that he had been spared, remem- bering how lonely was his estate, how companionless and forlorn he was.
because I must be grateful and edducation is going to be the making of me and help you pay off the morgage when we grow up
But," he added, "you will of course wish to have your humble respects delivered to them, with your grateful thanks for their kindness to you while you have been here.
Little did I think then--little did I think afterwards when our pleasant holiday had drawn to an end--that the opportunity of serving me for which my grateful companion so ardently longed was soon to come; that he was eagerly to seize it on the instant; and that by so doing he was to turn the whole current of my existence into a new channel, and to alter me to myself almost past recognition.
I am very glad my lady the duchess has written to my wife Teresa Panza and sent her the present your worship speaks of; and I will strive to show myself grateful when the time comes; kiss her hands for me, and tell her I say she has not thrown it into a sack with a hole in it, as she will see in the end.
said the matron, leaning her elbow on the table, and looking reflectively at the fire; 'I'm sure we have all on us a great deal to be grateful for
We are so grateful to you for having killed the Wicked Witch of the East, and for setting our people free from bondage.
Delighted," he cried with all his heart, "and so proud and so happy and so grateful.
Sir Wingrave," she said, "for all that you have done for me, I am, as you know grateful.
Mr Baptist, as a grateful little fellow in a position of trust, was among the workmen, and had done as much towards the cheering as a mere foreigner could.
Grateful for these favors, the animals determined to repay him to the best of their ability.