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of or involving the common people as constituting a fundamental political and economic group

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As explained previously, grassroots supporters may simply become fatigued with the struggle or disinterested in the terrorists' cause.
Tim Durkin-Brown, a volunteer football coach at Eagle JFC in Warrington, is just one of the thousands of grassroots football volunteers from up and down the country who are passionate and committed to the game.
Drawing on interviews with grassroots Liberal Party activists across Canada, Koop, a professor of political science, examines the connections and divides between the national party apparatus and local Liberal organizations across the provinces.
SPIRIT, Supporting Policy Initiatives for Rural Independent Telecommunications, is the association's grassroots program.
She has spent the last 14 years working in grassroots organizing, lobbying and politics, working with several health care groups along the way--experience that NACDS executives say gives her a deep understanding of health care and association advocacy.
Prior to joining NACDS, Ecker served as vice president of legislative political affairs for grassroots firm Winning Connections.
The region would lose out as lottery money is diverted to the games in London and grassroots funding is cut, the party claimed.
Responding to this grassroots pressure, the House and Senate leadership delayed action until a bill was finally agreed on in March 2006.
But DNC spokesman Damien LaVera said a fact sheet issued the day after the Grassroots Report shows the Democratic Party is as gay-inclusive as ever and that all outreach director posts were eliminated by Dean in favor of a new, more effective outreach program called the American Majority Partnership.
It takes a lot of hard work on the part of our legislative team and our grassroots organization to build support for disabled veterans and their families in Washington.
The grassroots biodiesel movement speaks to the BIO0 user--that is, the small consumer who is interested in running down the road on one hundred percent biodeisel.
com were set up by South Asians questioning the ability of big relief agencies to navigate politically complex countries, and small networks of progressive Sri Lankans in the diaspora began mobilizing to raise money for grassroots social justice organizations back home.
One of the easiest programs to create, even when working on a shoestring budget, is a grassroots lobbying program.
The visionary WCRP founders struggled to encompass their radically different visions of how an interreligious movement for peace could be best fostered worldwide, starting with the place of the grassroots membership among the top religious leadership which gave birth to the organization.
Virtual Grassroots Panel--formerly the Group of 100
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