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Common Stitchwort; Grasslike Starwort; Field south of Millie's Pond and field north of Scott Pond; Rare, but locally frequent; (* #); C = 0; BSUH 12557.
Her work with sedges - grasslike plants found in wetlands - pioneered new methods of separating closely-related species found in only three estuaries in North East Scotland.
Fascinating Green features a metallic trim with a grasslike design and a wider border band in a soft, slightly speckled green.
Some grasslike plants that actually are not considered ornamental grasses are liriope and mondo grass.
She coats a side with chia oil (from the seeds of the tall, grasslike chia plant) and then, using a deer-tail brush, she spreads a rock powder called tlalpilole.
Although the aggregations of flowers and bracts in Anomochloa and Streptochaeta cannot be identified readily as typical grasslike spikelets (see below), their flowers are solitary, or at least isolated by multiple bracts of questionable homology to "glumes," "lemmas," and "paleas.
The drawings by Mechtilt that accompany Denise Le Dantec's text offer grasslike or spidery traces, pulsing, fragile, mysterious, yet affirming.
The seeds, once sown, produce grasslike seedlings that require five years to produce their first flowers.
14 In nature, papyrus is a grasslike aquatic plant that lends its name to what piece of stationery?
The grasslike foliage forms neat mounding plants--perfect for clustering in the spiral bed.
Does the weed have grasslike leaves or are the leaves broad and dark green or bronze in color?
Patterns of tiny scratches (shown) in the fossilized teeth of Edmontosaurus, a type of hadrosaur, suggest the dinos had more complex jaw movements than previously thought and may have eaten grasslike plants, researchers report online June 29 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
1973 A list of grasses and grasslike plants of the Oak Openings, Lucas County, Ohio.
The new FieldTurf is grasslike in appearance, the lines bold, the "Oregon" in the end zones - though a tad too gold for my taste - actually visible.