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land where grass or grasslike vegetation grows and is the dominant form of plant life

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The Hadrian's Wall corridor is an important location for whin grassland and the South Tyne Valley, Allendale area and places such as Beltingham and Close House are where shingle sites are found.
Our goal was to investigate the patterns of habitat use by grassland birds through the assessment of species presence/absence and abundance in a landscape composed of semi-natural grasslands and agricultural fields of soybean.
Now Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) is hoping to restore grasslands, homes to small mammals which provide prey for the barn owl.
The three-year study monitored real-world grasslands at 41 locations on five continents.
Thus the Narat Grassland was awarded the fame of "The grassland where most Kazak people live" by the Shanghai Guinness Headquarters.
On Tuesday of this week, a Bozeman-based group purchased the 150,000-acre South Ranch and plans to develop the grassland as a natural reserve.
The weather has become hot with strong wind in the grassland-covered region, posing fire risks for grassland fire.
Throughout their distribution range Molinion grasslands are endangered, being thus one of the priorities in the conservation of European grassland habitats (Anon.
Grassland trails: The RFMSC is working to find ways to create grassland trails around the edges of the two large grassland meadows.
The wild fire was raging through a grassland atop a plateau some 6
Grassland biodiversity; habitat types, ecological processes and environmental impacts.
RARE orchids are growing in Colwyn Bay thanks to grassland management by council staff.
Authors of the paper, published in Nature, say the research shows that in certain circumstances, it can be better for global warming to let animals graze on grassland.
Savannas are characterized by continuous grassland vegetation with a discontinuous woody plant layer, where the balance of grass and woody cover is influenced by a combination of factors.
Otero Mesa: Preserving America's Widest Grassland" focuses upon one specific grassland with an impressively informative text by Gregory McNamee, an enlightening foreword by Governor Bill Richardson, and impressive photographs by Stephen Strom and Stephen Capra.