grasshopper mouse

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insectivorous mouse of western North America

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The northern grasshopper mouse is widespread in the northern portion of the Panhandle, where it is common to abundant (Jones et al.
Other mammals taken from this site included the deer mouse and Mearn's grasshopper mouse (Onychomys arenicola).
All of our eight specimens of this grasshopper mouse were taken in the creosote association where Peromyscus maniculatus and Dipodomys merriami also were trapped.
adelpha Rothschild) has been reported from the northern grasshopper mouse, Onychomys leucogaster and Peromyscus sp.
This week, we observe the minuscule grasshopper mouse of North America's Sonoran desert.
Caption: An Arizona bark scorpion makes a tasty meal for the carnivorous southern grasshopper mouse.