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an uncontrolled fire in a grassy area


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It was a grassfire and not a forest fire which damaged a portion of the mountain described as the aACAymouth of bundol'" he told Gulf News in an interview.
Darwin River, Cox Peninsula and Lambells Lagoon Volunteer Brigades have each received a new grassfire unit.
In a grassfire, the grass around the car will burn out in less than a minute, and even if the car does catch alight it will still be possible to get out onto the burnt-out ground.
There is a grassfire movement burning in Kentucky, powered by citizens determined to take their country back from out-of-control government spending and debt," said Jesse Benton, an advisor to Dr.
Firefighters in South Wales have already dealt with a major grassfire.
MAXWELL, Iowa, July 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In what may be one of the most aggressive efforts within the Tea Party/Patriot movement to date, Grassfire Nation's Patriot Action Network is launching a series of action-based initiatives engaging activists in the debt ceiling debate.
During June, as the congressional showdown over the Kennedy-Bush amnesty bill for illegal aliens heated up, a border security watchdog group, Grassfire.
2 trillion Carbon Tax," says Steve Elliott, President of Grassfire.
The tankers have been unveiled during Fire Action Week, Victoria s annual bushfire awareness week, which aims to raise awareness of the risk of bushfire and grassfire and prompt Victorians to carry out preparation and planning activities.
PC Gary McLaughlin, of Rutherglen Police Office, said: "The Fire Brigade thought it was a grassfire but then they found the nest.
Jim DeMint's Earmark Moratorium legislation, Grassfire.
Americans are fed up the entire earmarking process and want it stopped immediately," says Steve Elliott, President of Grassfire.
Our government has betrayed these agents," said Grassfire President Steve Elliott.
There has been much distortion on the issue of amnesty by the presidential candidates," says Steve Elliott, President of Grassfire.
Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean scheduled to begin their incarceration today at 2 pm CST for 11-and 12-year jail terms respectively, Grassfire.