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an uncontrolled fire in a grassy area


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F03 Luisito de Guzman of the city fire department said the grassfire started in front of the terminal's fuel department at 3:39 p.
It was a grassfire and not a forest fire which damaged a portion of the mountain described as the aACAymouth of bundol'" he told Gulf News in an interview.
Gold: Grassfire Wheat, Hook & Ladder Brewing Company, Oakland, CA
Trygve describes going through a cyclone in Peer Gynt in the 1948 Trans-Tasman race (the anemometer at Lord Howe Island blew down at 112mph): "The ocean was like a grassfire.
In most situations, a normally maintained car will provide good protection from a grassfire - even if it subsequently catches alight and burns out.
And trained skeptics that they are, they also point to The Bulletin's flaws--its slow and grudging acceptance of women and minorities; its prudish sensibilities; its rare but troubling ethical lapses; its internal bickering; its resistance to change, a trait which, in particular, hastened its demise, and its dedication to the local, covering, as Binzen says, "every nickel holdup, every grassfire, every meeting of the city's zoning board.
There is a grassfire movement burning in Kentucky, powered by citizens determined to take their country back from out-of-control government spending and debt," said Jesse Benton, an advisor to Dr.
Only few days ago, a grassfire destroyed several banana trees, rubber, and coconut trees at the compound in Barangay Paco here.
Firefighters in South Wales have already dealt with a major grassfire.
During June, as the congressional showdown over the Kennedy-Bush amnesty bill for illegal aliens heated up, a border security watchdog group, Grassfire.
2 trillion Carbon Tax," says Steve Elliott, President of Grassfire.
Melfrance Capulong, speaking for the NGCP, said a wooden transmission pole was burned and toppled in Barangay Salimbao, Sultan Kudarat, due to the grassfire that started at 10:57 p.
PC Gary McLaughlin, of Rutherglen Police Office, said: "The Fire Brigade thought it was a grassfire but then they found the nest.
Jim DeMint's Earmark Moratorium legislation, Grassfire.
Daniel Fernando established a command post at a residential area that is threatened by the raging grassfire, which also emitted thick smoke that engulfed the area.